Monday, October 13, 2014

meet los mormones


Hii so lots of good things happened this week!                                                                           October 6, 2014

Monday we finally found Violeta again! I love her so much. We heard from her sister in law that her baby was sick, but we didn't realize how bad it was, poor Violeta was crying to us, she's going through a big trial right now because her baby emily hardly sleeps, gets dangerous fevers and they are in the hospital several times a week. Super sad, we shared about the atonement and hope to keep teaching her and we've been praying a lot that emily will heal.

Tuesday we saw Meet the Mormons! The missionaries got a special preview. It was very good I recommend it to everyone, it'll have you laughing and crying! Later that day I went on an exchange down to Joliet with Hermana Brown! She is super sweet and an awesome missionary. We had a funny experience when we went to an appointment the next morning. They lived in a house, we knocked and a tiny little girl answered but all she was wearing were frozen (the movie) panties hahaha so we asked her to go get her mom so she ran, and came back without a mom. Then she was just talking to us in her own language hah we couldn't understand a thing. So this time I offered a sticker if she came back with her mom so she went away and came back without her mom :/. So this time I wrote a note saying 'we're here at the door!' Hahah and then the girl delivered it and the mom finally came hahah it was funny. The lesson was pretty intense! I have been putting a focus on being more bold lately, and we definitely were in this lesson. We made the restoration very clear, and her heart really changed while learning about the Book of Mormon. However, she was still resistant in the end. But it was cool because we felt really good coming out of that lesson. We had followed all of our promptings and done what we could.

That evening I was back with Hermana Cadd and we ate a Guatemalan dinner with Paulina and Jose. They are great but I didn't feel as good coming out of that appointment. It all went well up until the part where the lesson ended before either of us invited him to be baptized :( I really don't know what happened but the lesson just ended before I could, and I just felt awful after! Always follow your promptings! I was happy though, that I don't normally feel like that after lessons so I must be doing something right most of the time. But yeah I've repented for that and please please pray for Jose! Pray that he will choose and prepare for a date to be baptized.

Thursday was funny because the car coordinator surprised us with a new car haha it was super sweet- all the office people were excited to see our reactions. It's a 2015 Toyota Corolla and it's really nice! There's a backing camera but we still have to back each other out hah. So that was exciting. That night we taught the plan of salvation to Lucas and Carolina and it was probably the most spiritual experience of the week. The spirit was so strong and I just felt it guiding my words as I testified that there is absolutely nothing in this world that is too hard for us to handle or go through with the Atonement. From my life experience so far, I know that's true.

Friday we had mission leadership council and it was really good, I'm not joking when I say that we almost covered every gospel topic relating to missionary work under the sun. I wrote 10.5 pages of notes so I could tell you a lot of things I learned, but I specifically loved when President Fenn gave a doctrinal discussion about Alma 5. I love on page 220 when he is talking about pride and envy, etc. President taught that our downfall is often when it becomes "all about you" which is true. Don't EVER let it become all about you.

Conference was really amazing- Saturday especially just blew me away. I thought it was amazing. I loved all of the talks, especially Elder Christofferson, Elder Klebingat and Sister Esplin.

Sunday we had our Spanish group watch the first session at the church, then go to Bishops for lunch. It was awesome! So many people came and a couple Aurora families came including the Aranas! I love them so much! It was a great success and Jose y Paulina went to the broadcast in the morning. They're doing really well with coming to church! Now we just need to find more solid investigators. I would really count Jose as our only investigator right now. The others are just being flakes so please pray that we can find new investigators and put someone on date for baptism this week. It's Hna Cadd's last week!
Sunday afternoon we watched conference with Carolina and our recent convert Lucas! It was really great. I love how happy and excited about the gospel they are. It was a really special experience and Alex loved his first General Conference. Later President Fenn had the Naperville zone over for dinner and a Q&A with him which was great, he makes me want to be a gospel scholar.

Well I love being a missionary and I'm grateful for each day I get to declare the truth! My invitation to myself and everyone is to not forget the gospel messages we have received this conference, but that we continually study them.

Love you so much!

Hna Barlow

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