Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Final Countdown

ok so THIS WEEK yay
So I'll start with monday right after I emailed you:
So my comp and I were just sitting at dinner and these Elders come up and one was like "Carli Barlow?" and I was like oh no how do I know him, he's not even familiar? and then he was like "Two Years???" and I was like whaaa this is not happening! I was like "Uhm so like my dream is coming true right now this is a milestone in my life... its fine"  So awesome to be recognized for my music! It was way awesome and we got pictures and such.  He said he bought the song too and it made him cry haha it was funny and really great.
Tuesday there was an AWESOME devotional by Janice Kapp Perry- it was such a treat for me to see a woman who is so accomplished and has followed both her dreams of Music and having a family.  She wrote sooo many of the great primary songs and all the missionaries sang a little medley together.  Another major highlight was when we sang "The sisters of Zion and Helaman's Army." I am not sure if I told you but she re-wrote the words to her song "As sisters in Zion" and they are even more about missionary work.  SO COOL to have thousands of missionaries sing that together.  Loved it loved it
One thing I was struggling a bit with this week was really figuring out how to put all my trust in the spirit to teach with it- or better yet let it be the teacher through me.  Its amazing how through prayer and study and teachers/ others words, answers will come.  God wants to guide and direct our lives- we just have to let him.  I need to work on forgetting myself! I wonder how all lives would change if we could do that more often.
Wednesday we got to Host new missionaries!  It was kinda hard work but it was fun.  It reminded me of how fast I wanted to get away from you guys so that I wouldn't cry haha....
We got our TRAVEL PLANS yaaa!  Next early early monday morning we will be meeting at the travel office at 4:30 AM!  We will probably get to the airport by 6, so between then and 8 ish (Utah time) I want to say we can talk on the phone? Its kinda hard and I'm nervous I won't be able to reach you while you're in Lake Powell and stuff... you better find a good place!

Thank you so much for sending me things and pictures! You are so kind and I love you so much!
Remember to pray and read your scriptures and stuff even on vacation!!
con amor
Hermana Barlow

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