Sunday, May 18, 2014

IHOP really!?

 This is a dove that belongs to a member, it's name is Paloma.
They put creepy dolls around in areas they don't want her to go... 
 Paloma is afraid of them and will stay away.


This week was great especially skyping with the greatest people in the
world! Shoutout to the best Mom in the world.

Tuesday we saw some cool miracles and mercies in disguise. we were on
our bikes on our way to this place that's pretty far away, and before
we got too far Hermana Lewis noticed that my tire was flat :( so the
best option was to take it back to the apartment and go on foot.
from there we decided to go somewhere closer, and we decided to go to
the apartments where alexander lives. He was sitting outside his apartment
when we got there so we got to talk to him for a bit, then we went on
to knock doors in other buildings. A little bit later we get a call
from alexander and he says "Hermanas are you able to come back? I am here
with my neighbor and she'd like to say a prayer or something with
you." Hah or something like that. So of course we go and we meet his
neighbor and her 16 year old son and they tell us how her son had a
seizure the day before and alexander kept saying "I know the message
the Hermanas have can help you, it helped me! Go ahead Hermanas tell
them" haha he is so great- such a great example of a member
missionary! So they said that was fine and we taught the restoration.
They are super awesome people and we have already gone back and have
an appointment tonight. She even admitted that a lot of religions come
to her door and she has never let any of them in, which just shows the
power that members have in helping others receive the restored gospel!
Their hearts really do soften so... As members we should always always
make missionary work a big priority. It was a cool miracle that my
bike tire went out to help that all happen!

So after last week's huge disappointments of investigators not coming
to church, we worked hard to help them see the importance and overcome
their fears so they'd come this week. This started with us studying
more and gaining more of a testimony of the commandment to Keep the
Sabbath day holy.

We set up a church tour with amalia, and that morning we were planning
the lesson during companionship study. It was sort of a revelatory
experience for me. In my personal study as I was studying about the
sabbath day, I had a thought that we should teach her the Gospel of
Jesus Christ also. The gospel of Jesus Christ is so simple, but also
so real and crucially important! I really realized and gained so much
further knowledge about the importance of keeping the sabbath day holy
and it's role in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A day set apart for us to
worship God was a part of the plan since the beginning. In the whole
grand purpose and plan of God, keeping the sabbath day holy is a
crucial part! The church tour went so so well and the spirit was
strong. I've never felt such a testimony for keeping the Sabbath day
holy then I have while trying to help her learn it and keep it.

We also had another lesson with a less active who works on Sunday and
doesn't want to quit her job. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Part of following Christ is keeping his commandments. She tried to
tell us that sometimes your circumstances keep you from keeping them-
which I guess, it definitely depends. But I strongly feel that we will
be judged according to how hard we fight to keep them. "25 And we will
prove them herewith, to see if they will do all things whatsoever the
Lord their God shall command them; (Abraham 3:25)" Judged on How hard
we fight to get a job that allows us to go to church and take the
sacrament, or whatever it may be for each individual. So my companion
boldly and lovingly invited her to start searching for a way to come
to church, even if that means searching for a new job. We made sure to
express our love and I really hope she prays about and does it. My
testimony was definitely strengthened.

So Sunday rolls around and we go to amalia's and she says she is gonna
get some food on the way to church and let us know when she is there.
They were all ready and everything so we were like yessss!! So
excited!! So during the meeting we ask if she is close. She said they
are eating. We ask if she's almost done and she says they just barely
got to IHOP. IHOP REALLY?!? IHOP!!!!! Long story short she never
showed up. I was more than mad and more than sad. I just had to tell
myself that I was doing a good thing in the first place in helping
people come to church and unto Christ and all that. Don't worry, this
week we are trying EVEN harder. She is worth it and she will come.

So that's that! I also read an extremely good talk this week that blew
my mind that is called "to be born again" by Elder Theodore m. Burton.
Go read that everyone!

I love you all!!

Hermana Barlow

Ps. Random story: One night we were walking home this back way by a

canal, and there was a goose in the way. So Hna Lewis runs at it to
make it go away and it came at her hissing, so she backed off. We
spent the next 5 minutes deciding how we were going to get around it.
Don't worry we eventually did. Geese are mean.

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