Saturday, May 3, 2014

Voldemort! and bicicletas!!

Querida Familia!

Ok this week was pretty good! Saw some great miracles.

First, here is a funny story about Joaquin's kids (of course, what's new)
So last Sunday i was about to play the sacrament hymn and Joaquin
still hadn't come. Then I was playing it and we were in the 3rd
verse and I was all focussed you know and then I hear this "DAH! DAh!
DAH!" And I feel some movement on the piano bench and I'm like what
the... And I look to my right and the little 4 yr old is doing big stomps
and hitting the piano bench while yelling "DAH DAH DAH .." Hahahhaha I
died for a second and kept playing the piano while the elders sitting
by the sacrament calmed him down hahahaja it was great! Never a dull
moment with them.

Also you are probably wondering why I put the word "voldemort" in the
title. Let me tell you. So we were teaching these brand new
investigators who I really like. Then their son comes home from sports
practice and I say " hi how are you, what's your name" and I am NOT
joking he says "Voldemort".... :0 ! I almost could not hold in my
laughter and excitement Hahahah! After the lesson we were freaking out
because both Hna Simmons and I love Harry Potter. I never thought I'd
see the day where I met someonewho-must-not-be-named.

One of the days we did a special fast for a miracle. Specifically a
miracle baptism before the transfer is over. I will let you know how
that goes! The good news so far is that both amalia, and Isabel
have accepted baptismal dates!

I loved the lesson with amalia. We followed up on her commitments,
and she hadn't read, but she had prayed about what she'd been taught.
We kind of moved on in the lesson and read with her (that's what we do
when they don't read) and towards the end I was getting this prompting
to follow up more thoroughly about her prayer. So I did and I said
"what did you feel/learn when you prayed?" And she says "I received
more knowledge about baptism" which was so so cool because we have
obviously talked about it and invited her softly but it wasn't
something we specifically emphasized or invited her to pray about. So
then she asks how you prepare for baptism and we told her and we set a
date!! Super cool how the spirit works through us to bring others
closer to Christ and salvation.

Isabel's lesson was cool too, she is just awesome. She also wanted
more details about how to prepare for baptism which shows that she is
taking it more seriously.

Joaquin was the only one at church on Easter.
He called us last night to ask us questions
about what we learned about in Sunday School (organization of the
priesthood- I don't even really understand that very well!) and we got
talking about baptism and he said "I know I need to be baptized" and
then he gave us some concerns about it and we addressed them and he is
so close! We gave him some dates and he agreed to pray about them!!
YAY THAT IS MY DREAM! Please pray for him!!

Even though we don't use Facebook TOO much, it is really cool being an
internet proselyting missionary, at least it was this week. I love the
#becauseofhim / #graciasael thing the church is doing. I love the
Easter videos and how they're trying to flood the Gospel in the
internet too! It helped me think of all the things we have because of
Jesus Christ. Because of him I am here on a mission and I am happy and
I have a lot of hope for the future. He gave me a new start and he is
there in every moment! I hope all of you took some time to remember
what you have because of Him!

I love you all! Be good!

Hermana Barlow

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