Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 13! Got my trainee!

Familia y Amigos
Ok sooo lots of changes have happened! I present to you.. mi nueva companera la Hermana... Lopez!! My 'baby' haha! Wow what an awesome girl. She lived in Argentina till she was 10, then moved to southern California (about 30 minutes from where we live!) after that.  She is 19 and she is ready to work hard. We have seen some awesome Milagros (miracles!) this week! Its awesome. and I also feel my Spanish getting a tad better almost every day. not much though its a hard thing to feel grow (like a plant). Its crazy training so soon, but with the spirit and help from heavenly father it is so possible.
Well ok where do I start! So we now live in our area, in an awesome apartment. for the first few days we had no furniture or anything ha so that was interesting.. but we are all settled in now :) Its awesome living here and being able to work a little more each day.
So we had an awesome awesome lesson with Luciana's family this week! Wow they are special and they are getting closer and closer to really being ready for baptism. still pray for them though, they have hard lives!
So the weirdest part of the week was Antonio... We had a good lesson with him one day where he said word for word (basically but in Spanish) "yes I am for sure about my baptism!" but we got a call later that night that confused us way bad. Apparently his roomates are crazy and don't want us in the house anymore? so Friday we thought he dropped us completely, but just barely like 20 minutes ago while emailing he called us and said he still wanted to learn but it couldn't be at his house. so.. strange. but Yeah he is still progressing I guess so that's good!
Another cool thing- ok so we have been teaching Selma. We have tried to get lessons with her whole fam but it hardly ever works out ;/ but we have met like every member of her family, including her 17 year old sister named Isidora. So we got a referral from the English sisters one day with Isidora's name, and address and everything! they had run into her and they referred her over to us. So we went and talked to Isidora and she said she'd like to listen as well! Super cool. so hopefully tonight or tomorrow we can have a lesson with all of them :)
and of course CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING like always! We watched it at the stake center. Wow I learned so much and have  grown so much.. I don't have much time today but I would love to share some of that for another day.
Wow I have already learned so much from my awesome trainee. It really is amazing what happens when you submit to the will of the Lord, take a step into the unknown and find out that because of your Faith he has taught you even more. I hope we can all strive to be a little more obedient, and Christlike and a little more willing to reach out to others this week. I love you all so much!! Thank you for your prayers.
Hermana Barlow tell Jonny that my comp is from a city in the Cordova mission in argentina :) I forgot the one he served in haha!

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