Monday, September 30, 2013

I'm Expecting!

Hiii all sooo there is a kind of joke in the mission that when you have a trainee they are your "baby" and the trainer is the mom/dad. ha sooo Im gonna be a Mom tomorrow!
woohoo well really I'm so nervous. There is a chance that she will know more spanish than me- but if not this is all gonna be interesting. I can tell that I am going to need more faith, trust, patience, just EVERYTHING than I have EVER had in my life so far. Its truly amazing being a part of this generation of missionaries- but at the same time, because of the big rush of sisters, us sisters are having to train right away. So, idk. Heavenly Father must trust us a lot. Pray for me please please!
So this week, two of our investigators have been reading so much in the LDM! We loooove when that happens- and its so awesome that when they do, they have good experiences.
so Manuela- she said she has barely had time to read- only a little. We asked where she was and she said 2ND NEPHI 9 whaaaat??? We were like.. hermana... that is a lotttt. Ha oh she is so cute. It breaks my heart that we might have to drop her soon because her husband won't let her come to church or progress or anything :(
and Antonio- we were in our 3rd lesson with him and he just casually shares a scripture that he likes and gives us a nice summary of the beginning of 1st Nephi WHAT ok its soooo cool when people simply choose to progress and find the truthfulness of these things! Hopefully he will come to church soon.
Luciana, Ariana, Luis, and Leo came to church yesterday! They are so cute, I love them. Keep praying for them. They are progressing little by little.
also- funny story.
so one of our investigators who is suuuuper old lives with his sister, who is a pastora in another church. Ha she is super nice and has slowly warmed up to the missionaries, but has never let us in her house. but this time she did! and what do we see? The biggest Jesus shrine I think I have evvver seen. It was amazing the situation was absolutely hilarious I wish everyone could just understand haha.
Welll I am learning so so so much everyday and I think that Is about to sky rocket. I love this opportunity to serve. right about now Joshua 1:9 ( my fave scripture) is my anchor because... its taking all I have not to be super scared about everything! I love this work and I know that my Heavenly Father is with me every day and that he loves us!
Hermana Barlow

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