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Keep the faith and stay strong! Oct 16

 Oct 16, 2013
Ok hey fam and friends
soo today has been a crazy crazy day I wish I had more time to explain haha but sorry to all that I didn't reply to personal emails!
Ok so... this week... wow there is so much where do I even start!
We saw a lot of awesome days this week... and some days where we tried and tried and tried with very little who had time for us.
kinda cool story:
actually.. background for kinda cool story:
      ok so I was excited to write home about this story because at first it seemed all awesome and all that and had good applications to daily life and blah blah like that BUT of course. didn't work out the way we'd have liked.
ok here it is:
So, we went to go knocking at these apartments called kings cross. aka little mexico because EVERYONE there speaks Spanish. there are about 10 big buildings in this complex, so Hna Lopez and I decided to pray before choosing which one to knock in. We both felt impressed to go to one, so we did. So heres the thing about Hispanics. They don't usually straight up reject you or be mean, they will usually tell you to come back and then hide from you. soo anyway Before we went in, talked to a lady, rejected straight up. ok?? we go in... first two doors- also rejected straight up, next two: could tell they weren't interested and weren't very nice. 2nd to last door in the hallway: no one home. We looked at the very last door and I was seriously about to say- ok we chose the wrong building haha. but we knocked it anyway, and something awesome happened! This super super awesome lady answered and she said she just barely started being religious and stuff and she was just maybe the nicest person- she also told us to come back and was excited about it and stuff.
Basically this is kinda like life sometimes! We don't know why we are somewhere, things are not working out, you wonder where you went wrong, but when you've reached the end you look back and see the real reasons and why Heavenly Father gave you that situation.
I would love to say she is getting baptized/ progressing!! but she texted us the day of the appointment and told us she didn't want to confuse herself with a new belief style now that she's new to religion.
and thus we see how my story is kind of ruined haha oh well maybe we planted an absolutely essential seed in her life! who knows.
We also had a very cool experience with an investigator Silvia. A couple months ago she had basically had a dream of the temple! She told us it is the closest she has ever felt to God and the spirit. We were in awe as she explained the dream because it was the San Diego temple that we both went through for the first time!!! Ah we were so amazed. We didn't go in depth at all of course, but basically we let her know that she can go to that sacred and special place. We wanted it so bad for her and we did all we could. But of course, she is set in her ways and would rather not enter someday. :( ah so sad.
Also Ariana, luciana, and fam fell off date :( pray for them! I know they can make it I know it!! But we need your help and prayers.

Sweet Giovanna (left on her mission yesterday!) had her farewell after church sunday and asked me to sing 2 years again for it. the cultural hall was filled haha! They loved it, and so many had such nice things to say. ha but some said "Canto muy bonito pero no entendi nada" haha like...'I didn't understand any of it but good job' haha. It was really great and I love sharing that song.
We had a great zone training meeting as always. President Fenn gave a great lecture on Light- Dad would've loved it.
We focused a little bit on inspired questions and read a little from Alma 5. Amazing chapter full of inspired and inspiring questions. Go read please!!
I love you all! Keep the faith and stay strong! Don't let the little things distract from the wonderful things that God has prepared for those that love him (1 Cor 2:9)

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