Tuesday, April 8, 2014

'No Doubt'

Hey hey

Sometimes in weekly planning we give a name to the week we are
planning for -so we're more pumped for it and stuff.

This week was named 'no doubt' week.

It was pretty good! The good news is that we finally saw Joaquin
and taught him. We had been over reacting a bit and were thinking that
he was going to drop us, but he didn't! He is doing alright. It's hard
to find a woman to come with us sometimes, and it's hard if we bring
one that talks a lot so that we can't really teach. But he is still
progressing. Thanks for the prayers.

We taught a lady named sophie who is a member referral. this time we
had her member friend come with us and it went really well. She has
studied with a lot of religions especially with the Jehovah's
witnesses for 3 years but she never was baptized there because it
never felt right to her. We are excited for her to learn and search
for answers because she really does want to find the true church that
she can raise her kids in. It won't be easy but I believe some
miracles can happen!

General Conference was amazing of course. Some themes that really
stuck out to me were standing firm in our standards and being
obedient. Also giving our will to The Lord and loving others. I loved
President Monson's talk about loving one another. Some of my bigger
regrets come from times when I was too selfish and thoughtless to
reach out to others and show Christlike love and gratitude. We can't
be too kind and like he said, some of the worst words are 'it might
have been'. I am going to focus on that and giving my will to God.
That's a tough one but they promise it brings the most happiness and
blessings so I'm working on it :)

It was alexander's first conference and he was OBSESSED of course. He
gets more and more excited about the restored gospel. Also I told him
I was going to come back with my family after my mission is over and I
said it's too bad that my family doesn't speak Spanish. he says
there's no problem because he can understand a lot! Ha so be excited
about that family.

Joaquin said he would come to the Sunday morning session of
conference. We made a little treat/activity bag for his kids out of
things we had found around the apartment haha. We were sitting and
waiting and super super bummed that he hadn't come. Angry and sad
almost. And OF COURSE guess which talk was being given? The gratitude
one by Elder Uchtdorf. I was having a mini battle there. It's like he
was talking right to me in the very moment, it was great and it helped
me just be like... It's ok. And thankfully 1 or 2 talks later Joaquin
came in with his niños! We about died. We took them to the Spanish
translation room, gave them the bag and thought: good luck! Hahah we
went back to the English room so excited. The Spanish room didn't have
too many seats so we thought we'd let others have them. We were SO
happy. So I learned to just be grateful and it'll all work out! Keep
praying for him please, he needs it. Pray that we will know what to do
to further help him.

In between Sunday sessions some people from the Spanish and English
wards did a potluck which was great. Joaquin and his kids stayed and
had fun. (they were sweaty because they were literally running around) 

haha I love them so much! 

A cool
miracle happened there. We were just talking when the elders came up
to us and said "hey go talk to that lady she lives in your area!"
Apparently a Peruvian lady member from the English ward went outside
the church for a little (during the potluck) and found another
Peruvian lady who was out for a walk and invited her to come inside
and she did! Haha so she met a bunch of members and had some food and
we got her information and we will be visiting her this week! Pretty

So yeah! Stay strong and have courage and make goals from conference
and do them!! I love you all and I know that this church is the true
church of Christ.

Love, Hermana Barlow

Ps. I also loved the talk about Joseph Smith and also the one about
the Resurrection by D. Todd Christofferson

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