Friday, April 25, 2014

"a doctrine satan doesn't attack is hardly worth teaching"

Hola Familia!!

The subject for the email is a quote from President Fenn... I'm
going to tell you about the Mission Conference we had which some
refer to as "the Sacred Grove experience". We were in a forest
(ish) and remembered the Prophet Joseph and the first vision. There
are many principles and doctrines we learn from the First Vision
that satan will do all he can to attack. We share the restoration with
everyone we can because we know that it is through the truths,
priesthood, and ordinances that have been restored that we can partake
of Christ's atonement and be saved. This isn't always easy, especially
serving in the state that killed the Prophet! But I know we were each
called here for a reason and that President and Sister Fenn were
called here for very specific reasons; one of them is to help us be
forever true to the Prophet Joseph- the revelator of Jesus Christ for
our dispensation.

Here are some quotes from President Fenn: (some are funny but, maybe
you had to be there?)

"Satan hates Joseph smith. Don't you forget it."

They (God and Jesus Christ) said all their creeds were abominations.
"Abomination is my type of of language!" (Hahaha)

"Joseph smith and hyrum didn't give their blood so that we could have
a world famous choir."

"Imagine what it'd be like to be instructed by Moroni. It'd be pretty cool."

"In my dying breath I want to say that my missionaries stayed true to
the prophet Joseph Smith."
It was really great. One of the principles we learn from the
First Vision that I love is that where God is, Satan flees. God does
not shake hands with him.

So yeah! After he and Sister Fenn spoke, they opened it up for
testimonies- which, if you want to keep it short you DO NOT open it up
for missionaries to give testimonies. Good thing they didn't expect it
to be short haha. But the testimonies were inspiring, I really did
love to hear all of them. I was getting a bit hungry at the end
though haha. I didn't share my testimony there because I wanted others
to have the chance, but I'd just like to tell you now that I do have a
testimony of Joseph Smith. I know that he was led to the plates and
that he translated them by the gift and power of God. The Book of
Mormon is a true testament of Jesus Christ I know that for sure.

Below are some pictures- we had the meeting near that pretty lake- it
was a beautiful day, the warmest day so far I think. So many people
got sun burns haha I just got bad allergies :(

GOOD NEWS: Gael from my last area got baptized this past Saturday!!
I couldn't go, it's pretty far and we are already taxing our members a
lot. But I am so so happy for him I knew he would.

This week We met this AWESOME LADY who is the ELECT OF GOD! She was a
referral from headquarters- she requested for us to come. Someone she
knows has been talking to her about the church and how great it is and
she wanted to find out more. She's gone to the catholic and heard the
Jehovah's witnesses before but she says that they just don't fill her.
They don't feel right. She is looking for peace in her life and for
something to fill her because she feels a bit empty and like something
is missing. The spirit was so strong in that lesson. There were two
times that I was testifying in that lesson and chills went from my
head to my feet. That was such a blessing and we are hoping and
praying that all will go well. Pray for her! Her name is Isabel.

Well family I love you so so much!

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