Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's still true.

Hola otra vez!

Ok... So this week also was, ya know. A little less than what we hoped
and dreamed but hey! I'd still say I'm living the dream, it's a
privilege to serve The Lord.

Juana unfortunately did not make it to the ward family home evening
on Monday. When they say they have their own ride, never trust them!!
I've learned that in my mission but I always just believe them. :( but
the tender mercy was... that the activity went really well. Hna Simmons
and I were in charge of the lesson and activity, and the past couple
times when the other missionaries have done it, it has been really
good. So that morning we still didn't for sure know what to do! We put
some scriptures on some cards and decided to put them in groups and
have them act out the Book of Mormon scripture stories. We didn't know
how it would turn out or if it'd be lame or what. But it was a huge
hit! Everyone loved it and was laughing and they learned a lot too
about what the scriptures can offer. We got a lot of compliments and
I'm just thankful that all went well. It was a blessing!

Tuesday we saw Joaquin. His niƱos were still at day care so
finally it was peaceful! He has been receiving answers about the Book
of Mormon and he is loving church. His issue at the moment is that he
isn't recognizing his answers to be answers about baptism so we were
helping him with that. It was so funny, I was literally taking a
breath before inviting him to be baptized when he said "I'm gonna pray
about baptism in your church!" Hahahah so I think he knew what I was
about to ask? Idk. But as many know, hell starts to break lose when
they want to do that. Unfortunately we haven't talked to him since
then and he didn't come to church. We are kind of freaking out so pray
for him please!!

Another cool lesson with a less active helped me see the power of the
Book of Mormon in action. Ok so she is less active right? Only comes
every so often and has a testimony, but not very strong. A couple
weeks ago we invited her to read the Book of Mormon every day (she has
read it before but it has been a while) so any whoo so this week she
was so excited to tell us that she had been doing it! She has loved it
so much. She is a hair stylist and she told us about some people that
she had already talked to about it. We hadn't even invited her to
search for missionary opportunities yet, she had a natural desire to
tell people about it. It was so cool, because that is what the Book of
Mormon does!

Sooo yeah I finished the Book of Mormon today! ITS STILL TRUE. Hah no
really though... it was really amazing reading it this time with a brand
new copy that hadn't been written in yet. That helped me have a fresh
view of everything. I loved marking it in blue=missionary work red=
atonement of Christ and yellow= doctrine of Christ. While reading it I
came up with about 15 new ways to read/ things to look for and study
while reading the Book of Mormon just as I did with these topics.
So... I plan on doing all of those even though it may take a couple
years O__O ha but anyway I love love Moroni 7 and what he teaches
about faith. Can't have faith without hope, can't have either without
a meek and lowly heart, and if we don't have charity we have NOTHING!
Oh dear. And in the next chapter Mormon says it again in ch8:14 of the
importance of faith hope and charity together. Then in chapter 10:20
again. And in verse 22 it teaches more about how if we are in iniquity
and want to continue in iniquity, we can't have hope in that future.
Only despair. While reading all of these I thought of DyC 4:5 (all
about missionary work) "and faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye
single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work." Soo now I
understand a lot more about why hope and charity have to be attributes
that qualify us for the work and being disciples of Christ. Pretty

Shout out to my girl CP (chels Pinnock) for the awesome birthday
package this week.

Casi general conference!

I love you all!! Stay strong

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