Sunday, June 9, 2013

First Letter From MTC to Dad

DADDDYYY HIII I am so happy to see this email from you! I'm so happy to know Mom is ok I was a tad worried.  ALSO I haven't heard from ARI so WHYYY??!  She and you and the whole fam can go to and type letters, and the website will print it off and give it to me that same day pretty sure! I've gotten dear elders from Uncle Gary and Sarah F and real letters from Rachel, Brooke, Chelsea, Sarah Cameron, and a little one from Mom in the package to me but none from the rest of my fam! Thats ok I love emails too but I can read and send letters throughout the week too so you can send little notes- its a pretty good deal.
I'm sleeping great! Earplugs are nice sometimes depending on who is outside talking/ yelling/singing. My comanion is SO AWESOME I love her- her name is Madison Jones and she went to Skyline and is really good friends with Megan Mansell! So, thats cool! We both like candy a lot. But don't worry about that. hehe. The food is good! Vegetarian options are limited but there is Cholula here so I'm good! My district is awesome- there are 4 elders and 4 of us Hermanas, and the 4 Elders are straight out of highschool- like they graduated less than a week before they came.  Which is pretty funny! But everyone is so awesome and nice.  There are so many missionaries here I'm like whoaa. Yesterday (sunday) I got my first leadership assignment! I am the new sister training leader for our zone- so I work with the zone leaders to make new people in our Branch feel welcome.  So wish me good luck because I have to teach them what the MTC is all about and the logistics and stuff and I am still getting used to them HAH but I'll be ok. Ok I'm going to send a bigger email to mom- this computer isn't letting me copy and paste? So read hers for a little more of an account of whats been goin on in the MTC
Hermana CB

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