Sunday, June 9, 2013

First Letter From MTC to MOM


Wow where do I begin!  Ok so I got here, got my tags, and got my companera! She is the BEST her name is Madison Jones and she went to Skyline, then Utah State.  She is Megan Mansell's good friend so- that's awesome! She is so funny and easy to get along/live with and spiritual and we both like candy but don't worry haha.  I love classes! Learning is great- the first day we didn't learn much spanish at all besides how to pray.  The second day we learned how to do future tense? Mostly we talked about how to teach, our purpose as missionaries, and the importance of obedience. Only a tiny bit of spanish.  And then they were like Ok people tomorrow you teach your first investigator! He only speaks spanish! So good luck! I was like uhhhhhhhh ok.  So basically we brought in a lot of notes and it was frustrating but when I told myself that I could relax because I was learning, have never really studied the language, and all that stuff.  We did our best.  We taught that next morning too- which was also kind of a fail.  We weren't trying enough to bring the spirit into the lesson I think- which was good for me to see that without the spirit you don't get anywhere.  So I'm praying that tomorrow will go better... I still hardly know any spanish though.  Haha they basically throw you in there like 'ok go struggle for a half hour! its good for you!" and I'm like whaaaa but its how we're gonna learn and have a real desire to work hard. Its good for us.  A lot of times I'm like "Just let me say everything in English!!" but I truly am SO thankful that I get to learn spanish.  It's such a great language and one of my favorite parts of the MTC is learning new things in spanish.  Because I don't know anything about verbs or anything.  It's great and I think I'm already improving.  Hermana Jones and I share a room with four other girls.  It sounds like a TON of people in 1 room but its fine really.  There is hardly ANY time to shower/ get ready though.  Even for me and I get ready pretty fast.  The food is good here! Pescetarian options are very very limited... but I always manage to find something good. And they have cholula so I'm great! So I guess before I got here my branch was really really praying for a piano player to get here when I did.  So here I am! Those hymns made easy are saving me for sure!  I played all 3 hymns on sunday and they were pretty appreciative of that- I didn't mess up too bad either.  My district is great- 4 Elders who graduated highschool a few days before they came (going to Mexico) 2 hermanas going to Houston Texas, and Hma Jones and I going to Chicago.  Some people don't know where Chicago is and its way funny.  Our zone is SO great too! I love everyone!  One of our zone leaders is Tucker Buehner from high school- small world! It's fun to see him and other familiar faces too- I see Darell Day like err Day which is fun.  I love seeing people I know- there are a lot more here than I thought! Oh I forgot to email Dad this but Braden Orgill says Hi to Dad and that he is his hero. Good times.  We went to the Temple this morning! I like the Provo temple more in person than in pictures.  It is in SUCH  a great location- the mountains behind and the valley and lake on the other side. So gorgeous.  The first few days were sooo longgg haha I'm just so not used to having every second of my life scheduled! But I'm getting into it.  Everyone kept saying 'Make it to sunday! make it to sunday!" which didnt really apply to me because I'm having no problem staying here! But sunday really was great.  There was an awesome mission conference in the morning- they showed a little video clip of a family getting ready to be sealed in the San Diego temple.  It make me a bit homesick! For you guys, San Diego, and that temple. It was really inspiring I love that temple so much. There was a really great devotional at night- Dad would have loved it- this guy straight up talked for a whole hour telling the life story of (from the point of view of) one of the Apostles under Joseph Smith who was there when he was killed.  It was awesome he had everything memorized without hesitation.  So awesome.  Also Sunday morning I got my first assignment! I am the new Sister Training Leader which means I will work with the zone leaders in helping the new missionaries (mostly sisters for me) as the come in to the MTC. So that'll be tricky because I'M brand new but I'll get it! I have gotten letters everyday from my sweet friends! is a great place to send me letters.  I get them as they come, as well as the packages. Thanks for the package! You're awesome! I love hearing from you, tell Ari to contact me please! I miss all of you but I love the mission already!
LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU i'll send the disposable camera soon.
love you so much
hermana barlow

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