Monday, June 10, 2013

Letter on June 10, 2013

I am quite jealous that the Sibbett family stayed because they are SO FUN.  I love yours and dad's stories about them. 
Well I'm starting to see what they meant by "the days are long but the weeks fly by" because... yeah its already been almost two weeks here.. crazy!  But also the days seem prettyyy longg So, I learned a lot through continuing to teach our first investigator, I experienced my first dissapointment and my first triumph! I'm really happy they make us teach right away here even though its so hard. I am growing spiritually everyday and it's wonderful.   About spanish... its not easy but its a lot less frustrating than math class ever was so I'm good.  I really like spanish although sometimes I'm like ok how is this reaaallyy gonna work...
I'm so happy to hear that people like my song! Thanks to all who have taken the time to listen to it- Keep sharing it!
So I am so excited to be here at this time!  Ah we get to sing in a choir for a VERY VERY SPECIAL devotional next tuesday with THE FIRST PRESIDENCY AND THE APOSTLES I'm like muy excited and... yeah its gonna be awesome, they probably have something really special to say about missionary work.  I  can't wait to hear what it is and to just see them in person and all that.  Next week I say the closing prayer at the devotional sunday and I'm pretty nervous! Never prayed in front of thousands of people before, but theres a first for everything I guess.  Pray that I won't mess up haha!  There is an Elder overload in our zone haha for some reason I thought there would be almost the same amount of Elders as sisters here, but guess not because if no sisters come in two weeks there will be only 4 of us out of like 40 people.  Interesting.  On sunday I played a total of 4 piano songs during sacrament meeting. 2 were just hymns and 2 were accompanying people singing for musical numbers! So I'm happy I get to play the piano and stuff. Relief Society yesterday was sooo cool!  For the opening hymn we all (all sisters in the MTC) stood and sang "The sisters of Zion"- which is the same tune as "As sisters in Zion", but new words! I was basically crying it was so powerful, and the spirit was very very strong.  6 weeks can seem like a long time to be here, but really I need to take in every moment and learn everything I can because I will be going into the field a lot sooner than I think, and I will REALLY need to be knowing as much spanish as possible.  So..... the whole not eating meat thing is getting harder and harder here- the first week I was like ok I'll be totally fine! Now i'm like okkk eat the same thing every other day.  But its fine its not a huge problem!  My comp hma Jones and I are great too I love her so much and we get hyper a lot which is fun! But also we can be serious of course.  We stopped eating the cafeteria desserts but we still eat candy.  Which is better than eating both ehh?  ok I think thats all I have to say now.....
I think about you guys all the time and I really hope your doing well and praying together and stuff like that ;)
Love you! MISSSS YOU!

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