Saturday, March 29, 2014

la Mañanita y tres leches Mar 24


I'm not a teenager anymore so I guess that is good!

We had a really great birthday. We had plans to go to the most
dedicated and amazing member's house- Hermana Padilla's, (from el
Salvador)for dinner. Earlier our plans fell through except for that we
taught alexander with Hermana Thalia (from Ecuador). We got to her
house and it was decorated so cute!!
She had made lemonade with
cute straws and it was just adorable! I love her! Later, alexander,
Thalia's family and another man in our area came too and we didn't
know they were coming! Haha actually we guessed it. But yeah it was
super fun. They sang us the Spanish birthday song which is a long song
called "la mañanita" ha I was LOVING IT! We ate some tres leches cake
that alexander bought for us and then he said "ok let's all tell
the Hermanas what we like about them!" So we got a nice shower of 
compliments from our favorite people.
They gave us presents and wow we were just spoiled spoiled!
I LOVE these people they are the best ever!

Thanks so much for the
packages and the cards family! I felt very spoiled and loved, 

I love you all!!

I don't really feel like I have too much more to update. It was a
harder week, even though we had around the same amt of lessons taught
it felt like we taught less and I'm not sure why! I went on an
exchange with Hermana Swain (who, by the way, used to dance at the
dance club where Cassidy Riggs dances a few years back) and she is
super awesome! We saw some miracles with some member referrals and I
am super excited about that. Our teaching pool is slowly but surely
including more member referrals which is a HUGE blessing. Yesterday no
one was home and my companion had to use the bathroom and so we
randomly showed up at a less actives house who hasn't let us in since
January. As we were waiting to be buzzed into the apartment building,
a man who was with a lady and some kids opened the door for us. Turns
out we were going to the same place- he is actually the brother of
that less active and I don't think he had even been in contact with
the church at all for several years. His sister wasn't home but we
went in with him and his girlfriend and we started to talk about
his story and teaching them, and he ended up saying he wants to start
coming back to church and his girlfriend (not a member, from Honduras)
said yes to hearing the lessons from us! Super super great.

Tonight Juana said her family could come to an activity in the
church so we are hoping and praying they will go!! Valentin and Elena
have been too busy to see us and they fell of date yesterday:(
But Joaquin came to church again with his niños and they were hilarious.
I gave a talk which went alright. First talk given during my mission-
first time speaking in Spanish to a lot of people! i played the piano
while the missionaries sang a musical number and Joaquin's 5 yr old boy
tried to go up when we were going up hahah. At the end I led the
music and his 6 yr old boy came up after the first verse
it was just too funny. Probably the craziest sacrament
meeting I have participated in. But YAY he is progressing so well and
is starting to know the members. :D

This week I was reading in the talk "the 4th missionary" by Ryan g.
Cordbridge and it is really great for everyone even if you aren't a
missionary. He says "everything that you have to give to The Lord, has
it's origin in him, except one thing: your will. He does not have your
heart, nor your mind, unless you give them to him. It is the only gift
you have to offer that He does not already have. So when you give
yourself, you truly give Him everything."

So. That's what we need to do! Give our will up. Not only give up our
sins but give up ANY unrighteous desire. Easy right! Haha but really.
Sanctification is possible and it should be our goal!

I love you all and despite the hard days, I LOVE being a missionary!!

Love, Hermana Barlow.

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