Friday, November 7, 2014

"Creo que Dios las guió aquí." Oct. 27

Querida Familia-

thought I'd start with some random funny/great quotes people said this week:

~*companion coughs while walking in the dark* random black man voice: Eeeebola.
watch out fo dat Ebola.
~at the door: "yeah, I think I can ditch my church for yours this week"
~at the door w/mom and son: "Look son! God sent you two angels!!" son:
"Who wants to get married? :)" uhhhhhhh -__-
~ "Jesucristo, espiritu santo and ME!" -Amelia
~ "I think that God lead you to me today"

I am thankful to my Heavenly Father to tell you today that: it was
another really great week!  The Lord has been blessing us over and
over again. I am appreciating more than ever all the mercies we see
and the Lord’s hand in our area. I love being a missionary so much!

The exchanges for this transfer started again! They were really great.
The first one was with La Hermana Frisbie and she came here with me.
We taught three really great lessons and talked to a lot of people!
The first lesson was really great. We were going around these
apartments trying to find a referral. We were in a building about to go
down the stairs and then we were like, why not let's just knock this
door right here. So a lady answered who was on the phone and at first
she was like "I'm about to leave sorry" and we were like are you
sure?? what about saturday do you have 15 minutes then?? And she was
like "ay muchachas what do I do with you." then she said hold on,
finished her phone call, and came back and said we could come in! So we
taught her a short version of the restoration and found out she was
having a lot of struggles and trials right now. The best part was when
we all knelt down and we were really persistent about having her say
the prayer. She said the most heartfelt prayer I had ever heard. It
was like 5 minutes long and she was crying and the spirit was just so
so strong. I could really feel God's love for her. After the prayer
she told us "I think God sent you to me today."

Right after that we found the referral we were looking for and we
taught them! They have learned almost all the lessons, have strong
testimonies of the Book of Mormon and they want to be baptized. Her
problem is just getting work off sundays. We talked about how making
that permanent is key so that they can come to church. Please pray for
Mariana and her kids. They are so great and so close, they're
definitely a gift from God!

Remember the family Hermana Cadd and I taught like, 2 or 3 weeks ago?
We finally met with the Mom and I think all of them have been reading
the Book of Mormon and she said that she really feels the spirit when
she reads it and really wants to come to church. She said some
comments about her kids and how they really liked it too and they are
feeling the spirit while reading it as well. So thats exciting :)

Sad thing is, Camila kind of dropped us this week. She is facing
opposition from her husband about having us over. We were super sad :(

I went on an exchange with Hermana Robinson! She is from Southern
California and is awesome!! We have at least one mutual friend hah. We
taught 3 lessons in her area as well, and the coolest thing happened
in each of them- in the exact same moment in each of the lessons, we'd
both pull out our scriptures, and then I'd be like (for example):
"mosiah?" "yeah" "2?" "41?" "yeah....." so that happened with 3
different scriptures where we both had the impression to share the
same scripture ha that has never happened to me before. Too bad we
won't be companions could you imagine????

While I was gone, Hna Johnson and Morby taught Amelia with Bishop! She
said it went really well and that she received an answer about the
Book of Mormon. The greatest news is that SHE CAME TO CHURCH! That was
truly the biggest blessing because no one really goes ANYWHERE unless
they come to church. She really loved it and she is excited for her
baptism. It will take a miracle for her to be prepared by her date but
that's ok we are showing all the faith we can and expecting miracles.
But we still need your prayers. Especially that she will be able to
quit smoking.

So I am stilll learning a lot about covenants in the Book of Mormon. I
love in Mosiah 18- " a covenant to serve him until you are dead..."
Those people in that chapter as well as those in Mosiah 21 were
righteous, had changed their ways, and wanted to follow Christ. So of
course they wanted to enter into a covenant to make it official. I
love the covenants I've made. making them and keeping them make all
the difference in our lives.

Love you!!
Hermana Barlow


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