Thursday, November 13, 2014

la familia es de Dios


Hi so today fuimos al templo so I didn't write yesterday and also I don't have much time today, which is too bad but I'll do my best. It was a good week- good things and not so good things but así es la vida so I'm just happy to be here giving my all no matter what happens.

So I'll start with the not so good- so Amelia... She was doing pretty well until she started talking to her ex- boyfriend and he took her to his church and they told her some dumb and un-true things about our church and now she wants to keep going to that one and she thinks we've been lying to her :(. We tried to go and explain but she wouldn't really hear it. So that was a bummer of course. It just helped me realize that it's not all about me! This is my mission but I'm not here to have everything work perfectly my way. I'm here to do the Lord's will and to do it His way.

Good things are, we had a GREAT lesson with Mariana, Sara, and Emma (the ones who moved from Chicago and have learned a lot already) and we brought a member which was perfect. The only thing holding them back is coming to church, because she works Sunday's and needs the money as a single mom.  I can't even imagine how hard that situation is but, gotta keep the commandments. So we taught the doctrine of Christ and we were really bold! The spirit was strong and she committed they'd be at church. Bad news is that they didn't come. Good news is that yesterday we went to visit and she said they'll be there this Sunday... And....... She talked to her boss and he was super understanding and she has all Sunday's off now!!! That is a miracle, mostly that she had the faith to do that. That is so huge and we were so so so excited. Please keep praying for them. This family is special. I was so thankful for that.

We went on two exchanges this week, I stayed here while Hermana Johnson went to Beloit, Wisconsin, and later in the week we both went down to Bloomington/Normal which was super fun! We rode the bus and talked to cool people on it. One man said "I'll tell you my testimony. I opened my eyes before I came out of my mother's womb, I talked to God and he told me I'd be rich." (Being totally serious) so that's cool. It's actually a pretty big city considering how far out there it is. I wish I could've taken more pictures it was really great. Our GPS took us on the "historic Route 66" on the way down there so that was funny. We walked a lot in the cold, sought the spirit and we were led to this awesome Hispanic family that let us right in. So that was a huge blessing!

Wish I could tell you more stories and such but that'll suffice for now. We had the privilege to hear from President Fenn at 2 meetings we also instructed at this week. In both he talked about eternal families. As I've probably mentioned, that is a new huge focus for our mission. We are now supposed to be looking for as many opportunities as possible to teach about how our families can be eternal. President Fenn taught us about the Abrahamic Covenant again and how much it really does talk about eternal families in preach my gospel. It was really powerful and it has been really great teaching about eternal families, a new spark seems to light up in our investigators when we focus on the end from the beginning with them. I absolutely love the doctrine of eternal families, it really is the most important, it's central to the restoration of Gospel.
I love Alma 7, I read that this week. It lays the doctrine of Christ out really clear, especially how we can have eternal life. The atonement is amazing!

I love you all!!
Hermana Barlow

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