Sunday, November 2, 2014

"Esta es me gran pregunta: QUIEN ES NEFI?!" Oct. 20

Quote: "This is my great question: WHO IS NEPHI?"                                                              

Hi family!

It was another great week thankfully, thanks so much for all of your prayers! We worked so so hard, saw some good progression and I am so happy! Hermana Cadd went home and I miss her a lot but I will see her again soon!! Tuesday night at the departing devotional at President's was amazing. Most powerful one yet- many of the leaders I've had went home. The mission is a very powerful thing, can't take it for granted! 

So Hermana Johnson and I have been working very hard and finding a lot of people! Talking to everyone.... One of the nights it was getting dark and a lot of things were falling through. And that's the hardest because it isn't my favorite thing to knock doors in the dark. But I randomly remembered this lady in a locked apartment building. We buzzed a few times, no answer, then the buzzer that unlocks the door went off for a tiny second and we missed it! So we did the awkward thing and kept buzzing because we knew they were there and we finally were buzzed in! We went up and didn't find the same lady, but we ended up teaching the babysitter who was there! Her name was Florencia and she was awesome. We went back and taught her at her house later in the week and she is really great. She committed to come to church but cancelled the last minute. Moral of the story is follow your promptings and do the awkward thing but don't be awkward about it!

We taught Camila again! This time we brought an awesome bi-lingual member. Camila had read and LOVED the Book of Mormon. She said she felt the spirit when she asked God about it and we tried to help her realize what that means for her life. She promised to come to church but later in the week she called us saying that her husband (a musician) was called by someone in Chicago because it was their birthday and they wanted him to go and sing the Mañanitas which is the birthday song. -__- and she had to drive him. So we were wayyy bummed about that.

We also taught Amelia again! At first we were real nervous because her phone kept going to voicemail but we just showed up and her boyfriend was there with some friends about to play poker. Amelia was there too... they invited us in and we sat down with her about to teach her when we invited the poker crew to come learn about the Book of Mormon real quick hahaha so they were like.... Yeah... sure. So we taught a quick Book of Mormon lesson and they were great. Her boyfriend was sad (and us too) when Amelia said she had work AGAIN Sunday because he wanted to come to church too. So yeah she didn't come to church yet :( but she did say "I'm so excited for November 22nd, I've got it engrained in my mind!" Haha so please please keep praying for her, that she can quit smoking and get married or move out. :/ those are my biggest worries.

A funny thing was that we taught a very nice, hilarious Guatemalan man. Only Hermana Cadd will truly understand what I'm about to explain hahaha. he is so funny. He is older and loves the bible and we've been in contact with him forever just inviting him to things but he can't always make it. He talks a million miles an hour and always forgets/ can't say my name. Finally he was able to make it to an 8 year old's baptism this week. Afterwards we grabbed one of our sweet members to have a lesson with him in another room. When I get home, just ask me to tell this story in person because I can't do it justice in the email! But he had a whole long list of questions but we told him we didn't have time for all of them so he narrowed it down to three: who is Joseph Smith? Who is Mormon? And who is Nephi? It was so funny. Obviously those are the easiest questions but it was such an ordeal because he won't really let you answer hahaha but it went better than I had anticipated.

Some things he said,
 (he said this all completely serious): "what caught my eye when I first met the Hermanas was the color of that book."
"THIS is my GREAT QUESTION: WHO IS NEPHI??" Hahaha it was so funny.
And he was constantly talking about Hermana Cadd and how she left us :)

 It was a wonderful week and I've left out some other great things that have happened but over all it was very spiritual and I am seeing the mercies of the Lord right and left. I'm obsessed with the Book of Mormon-- I read king Benjamin's address this week. Mosiah 5 taught me so much about covenants, being born again and what we need to do to be received into heaven. I love covenants so much! I invite you all to go read that chapter, it's for sure one of my favorites. I could say a lot about it but... I'll just stick with: I am so thankful for the covenants that I have personally made with God. I love them. I love personal revelation, I know it's a real thing- especially through the Book of Mormon.

I love you all so much and I know that this church is true.

Hermana Barlow

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