Saturday, November 8, 2014

"Well, we're actually not nuns..."

Holaaa Saludos de Chicago                                                                                                  November 3, 2014

   It has been a good week. We went on 2 exchanges, the first with Hermana Simmons! She is wonderful I love her. It was great being back with her! The next day Hermana Sharp came with me here and it went well. She's a cowgirl and we went to dinner with a member family- a cowboy and a Puerto Rican haha one of the quotes of the night was "what's your favorite kind of cow?" Haha love it.

   We had mission leadership council, Hna Johnson and I taught, it went pretty well. Later President Fenn taught us about Eternal Families and it was amazing. We are putting a new focus on teaching our investigators about how their families can be together forever. He taught us some deep doctrine about it (not really what we'd actually share with investigators) but it was really powerful, because eternal families are what it's all about. It's really hard to describe what I learned and felt but I just know that that is the main purpose of this life. To prepare ourselves to live with God, and our families, for eternity one day. There isn't anything more important. There is a bright hope that comes from that, a hope that everyone needs.
  Saturday we were able to teach the restoration 3 times in a row to brand new people. Each time we shared the first vision, they really felt something. The 2nd and 3rd time they either said "I felt something different when you told that story" and "I just got chills". The spirit really does testify of Joseph Smith and the first vision. Just as much to them as to me. I know what we teach is true.

  We went by to see the Fernandez family but they weren't there :( we were pretty bummed. We were getting into the car when a lady who's house we were parked in front of came out and was waving at us and I thought "oh no she's gonna tell us not to park here anymore..." But instead she said "are you the Jehovah's witnesses orrrr...."  -___-  ha so we answered her and she said " oh well I see that you come by here a lot and I see that you're very diligent and I just wanted to know what you were doing or what you teach."
She was very happy when we said that we could come in and teach her a little bit. It was really awesome to see that people truly are watching us. All of us as members of the church. The spirit is able to work with them, and our good efforts are never wasted. So that was really special for me.

I love this Gospel and I love being a missionary. 3 weeks---- pray for miracles!!

Hermana Barlow

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