Monday, August 19, 2013

Familia y amigos, July 22

Ok another week here in the field... Everything is going by faster and faster which is bittersweet!
So here's a little update.
Rodrigo y Mateo (brothers 14, 11) committed to baptism this week! Now we need to help their Dad be on board though.... I have faith that it will happen.  Their older brother is on a mission and I really think that they will recieve a lot of blessings from that, including their Dad allow them to choose to be baptized. Ahh we're hoping and praying for a miracle! I guess thats what we do everyday haha.
We don't always feel super led when we tract, but the times that I have noticed the spirit's guidance I'm always astonished at what happens, even if its a simple but positive conversationwith rejection.  Peoples agency is huge and I love how we invite everyone to use it in righteous ways. Keep praying for us to be led to those who are prepared!
Thursday was my first exchange with Hermana Smith! We didn't have much time together because of some things but it was great learning from her.  On the way to her aptment in arlington heights on wed. night, I saw the city! Just for a little minute when we were driving on the freeway. Its so beautiful and I'm excited to go there someday!!
With Hna Smith we went to a trailer park where a potential investigator lived.  She was a way sweet lady but I could hardly understand her at all haha.  I guess she told some wild story about crossing the border and stuff but... yeah thats besides the point HAHA
That was a way cool lesson because she was talking more than half of the time, which is really how it should be.  We were able to figure out a lot of what she believed and what she needed.  Towards the end she said that she had tried to recieve answers from God in her prayers but that it had never really happened, and she doubted that it was possible. I hadn't talked the whole time but I understood that and I was like "tengo una experiencia con recibiendo una respuesta de dios!" or something really broken like that... and I told her my experienced and testified that I know its possible.  After that she said something I didn't understand.. and after the lesson I guess she had said that I recieved it because I was expecting it... and that it wasn't real... ha if I had understood that I would have testified even more, but oh well. She was nice and really open to ideas and I hope the Arrlington heights sisters can help her progress because shes great.
After splits, the sister that went with my comp told us of someone to go see that she had visited when she served in our area.  So I guess this guy's family is in Mexico and are all baptized and he has seen how happy they are and ordered a Book of Mormon online and SLC sent her (that sister) his info to go see him and for some reasons they didn't see him much.
He sounds so golden and ready to recieve the gospel right?
So anyway, we went out to his house.  he lives in one of the MOST beautiful neighborhoods I have ever ever seen.  Like.......... speachless. I'll take some pics next time we are out there.  we were so used to being apartment buildings and smaller houses so, we hadn't really seen this life yet.  I'm telling you, random beautiful lakes with fountains in the middle, green green fields, houses so huge and gorgeous and spaced apart way nicely... it was crazy. Anywho we go up to this one big house and ring it and a sweet little girl answered. She was talking to us like we were her bffs right off the bat and we had to tell her to get her parents like 3 times.
Its hard to explain the look on his face while talking to us... it wasn't like normal where people are confused or interested, it was like he really wanted to hear our message and make it a part of his life.  He said he wanted to learn and to have what his family in mexico had (pretty much) but that his wife is catholic and didn't want to hear of it.  He gave us his number and said we could still teach him in a couple weeks though.  ahhhhhh pray for a miracle for Juan y familia!
Another little story- my comp felt prompted to visit this former investigator named Daniel. He had only had a couple small lessons though so he never progressed very far. He is 16 so we could speak to him in english, and we had a way good and deep conversation with him. It was crazy how the spirit was giving me (and my comp too probably ) prompting after prompting. Ah we know what he needs in his life and we know how we can help him, now its up to his agency! He is really interested in the world and loves learning of possible theories of why we're here and who God is and all that.  He also faces a lot of struggles in his life. and at the same time, he barely knows who Jesus Christ is and what he did, and why he is so important now.  He really needs that and I feel it in my heart! While having this discussion and hearing of his life and struggles, scripture after scripture came to my mind.  We invited him to start/ to continue to search and study the scriptures. ahhh we hear that all the time! 'read your scriptures read your scriptures' but really, it can change us and direct us in CRUCIAL ways. pray for Daniel.
In my scripture reading since then I have found countless things that he needs to hear. Those books contain things we all need to hear! God is waiting for us to go recieve answers to our prayers through the scriptures
I see this vision for everyone we know here, even the active members. A vision of conversion and for eternal life. Its real and its true! I know God lives and loves us and wants all to come unto him no matter what.  This is no small work- its for salvation and eternity. I'm forever thankful for this opportunity to help others and grow myself!
read Mosiah 14- it hit me super hard as I circled each time it says 'our'.  Its so wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time.
quick shout out to all my fam in Bear Lake! I love you so much have a wonderful time but not too much fun without me! haha mucho amor

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