Monday, August 19, 2013

MILAGROS!! July 29

Hola hola everyone!
So in the MTC I remember one day in Relief Society a lady gave us a few suggestions/ pieces of advice for the mission and I remember one was:
Expect Miracles!
So, some great miracles happened this week. The biggest yet!
So this week was great of course, one of our first lessons was with an old man named Jose. My companion and her last companion have taught him for a while now. He is funny and literally has no teeth :) hehe.  So he already has a testimony of the gospel... and he knows he needs to be baptized.... but.. he won't commit to a date? We're not sure whats up.  So in our lesson, we invite him to be baptized once again... and he says not yet.  Then he goes on to explain a dream he had recently: It was full on the spirit world, and people all dressed in white, and his grandpa telling him that he was the only hope for their family... so, OBVIOUSLY this is an amazing sign to be baptizedd that most people don't get! The sweet member who was present tried to explain that he needs to do the temple work/ baptisms for the dead for his ancestors, obv. But, he still said not yet. Haha it was a really amazing dream to hear about though.  He says he is expecting us to convince him to be baptized, and we aren't going to do that. So I hope he can learn that and come to his decision!
Tracting is always good when you get new investigators and return appointments, but a lot of the times we return and they decide not to be there! Ha its frustrating but what do you do. We met a few of those people and we hope that when we return next week we will actually get to share this message with them.
I ate a lot of meat one of the days this week.  Doin it because I love them and its hard- litterally too hard to say no. I have told like 1 or 2 families that I don't eat meat and since then they have been SO sweet about it but I just wish everyone could understand that they don't have to not eat meat with me haha... ah! so hard! but I love them so much
Friday was the day with the biggest miracles!!
We visited a less active (basically inactive...) member and her daughter again, and she was super awesome and open with us again. Our last meeting with her was super spiritual and this one was too. The change we saw was amazing.  This lady has a hard life and a hard situation, and I love seing her remember and build her testimony.  She was for sure on coming to church sunday and we could see that she meant it. Ah its amazing to see the way we acted on our promptings from the spirit and how that helped her change and come unto Christ.
Later that night, we went to a kind of less active family's house for a lesson with them and to help them with something they needed. We went in and they had amazing news for us! Earlier that day a lady- an old neighbor I guess- showed up at their house and knocked on their door and they talked for a bit.  They got on the subject of us (the hermanas) and she mentioned that she had met with hermanas in the past and was interested in seeing us again!!! So they gave her our number and invited her to come over later that night.  So we were obviously at this point like.... is this real life??? So then an there we call her and invite her to the house again.  So Romina came like 30 minutes later with a 16 year old girl named Nicole. Oh yeah and their last name is De Los Santana haha super awesome. Anywhoo, we had a way good convo and my companion felt so prompted to invite them to be baptized and they accepted a baptismal date! So amazing!! They said as they come to know these things are true, they really will be baptized.  WOW we were honestly like AMAZED at this miracle.  A literal miracle... things like that just do not happen that often at all. Our Father in heaven loves us very much. He really guides us when we are obedient and places people in our paths so long as we are patient and obedient.  It was amazing and we are so so excited to begin working with these wonderful ladies.
Sunday though... they said they were going to church but didn't. :/. ah we still have a lot of faith in them though. Jose did come to church though, so thats good.  Little by little he will come around I think.
I love my mission so much!! Such an amazing and trying experience that will help me for my entire life as long as I can remember the wonderful things I have learned.
I love you and am praying for you! Thank you for all your prayers!
Love Hermana Barlow

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