Monday, August 19, 2013

"Hey it's an adventure!" Aug 19

Friends and Fam,
Hi! so, first of all saturday was transfer calls anddd.... I'm staying haha! So, that's good.
This week went by the fastest so far I think.  By sunday I really felt that it had been a day! They're not kidding when they say the days are weeks and the weeks are days haha. So funny.
OK so we had an appointment with Luciana and her family monday and... no show again! :( ah so hard. Hard to not let other's choices break my heart a little haha!  The english sisters who work in Geneva gave us a referral that night as well, and we went to contact him.  Jose didn't live there, but a really sweet girl named Selma did!  Ah she is super special and is definitely going places.  There are so many things about her that I admire- one being that she prays every day to be able to be led to people who need help.  Also she believes that everything happens for a reason.  She wants to figure out the reason why we were sent to her house looking for a Jose that didn't live there. NOT A CONSEQUENCE YOU NEED THE GOSPEL haha we were able to return and teach the restoration and give her a copy of the Book of Mormon.  I hope (and pray) she prayes diligently to find the reason why we met her :)
We met a lot of potential investigators this week- aka we did a lot of knocking and a lot of finding.  Hey its an adventure!
There is the SWEETEST girl in our ward, she's my age named Giovanna and she is home waiting to go on her mission.  She came out with us thursday night and from lunch till dinner on saturday!  Poor girl got to see the reality of what most the days are like.  Thursday we had 4 appointments- all no shows.  Friday we had two tiring lessons with many hard questions and stubborn views, and a few more no shows. Haha poor Giovana... I just felt bad... but hey, doing your very best is what counts out here. Some days are just like that and wear. you. out.
also Viernes I got a very special package in the mail! THANK YOU SO MUCH mom and family. I seriously love it SO much. A voice recorder with special messages from home. Loved hearing from you all! You're the best!
Lots of no shows and totally exhausting days this week.  Praying for miracles! We need them.
Yesterday evening we had a zone activity at President Fenn's house.  I love learning from him.  We had a Q and A and I learned so much, but I love those valuable times when the spirit teaches you too. One of our questions was about his favorite scripture, and of course he has a lot depending on the topic, but he shared a special experience about 2 Nephi 4- the Psalm of Nephi.  I could just feel in my heart as he was talking that Heavenly Father SPOKE to him through that scripture and the spirit.  I could tell in my heart the deep deep love he had for what this experience with this scripture had done for his life.  It reminded me that I have had a couple of those experiences too!  I do have a love for the scriptures and the revelations that can come through them, but I know that
There is a difference between reading the scriptures to get the story or learn of a topic, and realizing something about yourself, about the nature of satan, Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ. Amazing personal revelation and 'aha' moments can come if we want them! We can grow a relationshipwith Christ by learning about him through the holy ghost. I am striving for this!
Also this morning I read an awesome talk from Nov. 2012 conference from Elder Robert C. Gay: "What Shall a Man give in Exchange for His Soul?"
its amazing, because satan triumphs in the little things, the little justifications. The fact that people get tempted to just skip our appointments, or when any of us just decide to sleep in and not go to church that day. He loves when we do those little things that bring us away from Christ. We have to be careful for sure.  Go read that!!
Well sorry this letter was so long, I'm just learning so much and love sharing this knowledge with you! 
I love you all!!!
hna Barlow

These two cute kids were baptized on Sunday.  The elders taught and helped their family return to the church.

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