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Friends and Fam! Aug 12

Friends and Fam!
This week went by so so very fast.  I am loving it here a lot!  I had a dream that I came home early for something medical and I was super sad in my dream. Not saying I don't miss you guys but... just sayin...
So Monday was a good night again! We went by to Ariana's house again and while teaching her and her brothers the restoration, their mom came in! My companion and I were nervous what she would say haha but she was super super nice, and even better, Ariana had already told her about us!  She was so great and explained that they were catholic by tradition and were baptized and did communions and everything, but that that didn't really mean that much to them.  She wanted herself and her kids to find the church they wanted and to stick with it.  Which is wonderful news! She was so open and kind and hilarious too.  We taught her the restoration as well and it all went very well.
Thursday we went with our ward mission leader Obispo Monarrez to teach them again and no one answered the door! Luckily we had a good back up down the street with a man named Emilio.  His wife is american and SUPER hilarious and nice, she likes to meet and learn and talk to us but she doesn't ever want to convert (she thinks hehe) But Emilio is a lot more interested in progressing.  He came to church this sunday! It was awesome.  Pray for him to continue progressing and searching for answers.
Saturday we were able to see Ariana and her family again! We taught the plan of salvation with Luciana (mom), Luis (brother) Ariana, Diego (bro) and Leo.  It was a really great lesson, super powerful- all thanks to the spirit. Luis, Ariana, Diego, and Leo committed to prepare to be baptized in september!  PRAY for them to continue to work for this.  and pray for their mom to have this desire.  They need it so much more than they know! We meet with them again tonight and we get to meet Luciano's boyfriend as well. Pray pray pray!
There is an english member here that we get to eat with every now and again named sister Mather. She is absolutely wonderful and I just love her and wanted to tell you all that haha.
We met many more people this week and invited invited invited. We got stood up many times, but we did our best!
Today I had an awesome personal study. I specifically prayed to be guided for our lessons tonight, what spiritual thought I wanted to send home (in this email),  and the things the Lord directed me to were pretty crazy!  In the Book of Mormon (I've been reading it through,) I'm in: Helaman 4 and 5, the part about repentance stuck out to me, and led me to King Benjamins address in Mosiah 4... where there are more great scriptures about repentance and forgiveness. I then went to the bible where I've been reading and today i was In Luke 14 (pretty sure, don't have my study notebook with me) I read about the lost sheep and the prodigal son. About forgiveness/ repentance as well! When just one sinner or one soul that is lost comes back there is REJOICING in heaven.  Then I went to where I've been reading in the D&C, (section 11) and it says 'say nothing but repentance to this generation'.  Then to end it all I had already planned to finish a wonderful talk by D. Todd Christofferson "The Divine Gift Of Repentance".  GO REAd it!
Repentance is a GIFT and in my personal study today I really felt guided to this topic.  I needed to hear it, those at our lessons tonight need to hear it, and you all as well!  Repentance is the only way we can be saved and only through our savior Jesus Christ.
I have a testimony that the Lord can guide us when we study!
well I hope all is well at home, I love you all SO much and I appreciate your prayers and love.
Love Hermana Barlow

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