Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Semana Ocho


So last monday we met a really cool new investigator named Antonio. He wants to follow the path of God now and he thinks that we are the way. Uhm yes that is correct. So yeah I hope things go well with him in the future!
The BEST lesson this week was with Ariana, Luis, Leo and Diego (and kind of Jeronimo...). It was so spiritual.  They have been having some really hard problems in their lives and they let us know about a couple of them. It was amazing because we went in there planning to talk about obedience, the 10 commandments, and keeping the sabbath day holy.  And after hearing about some of their problems, it set the stage perfectly (and the spirit was prompting us) to begin teaching about obedience.  Obviously, they need a lot of help from our Heavenly Father, and there are special and specific ways to get that! They are called the commandments, or as I like to call them 'ways to receive more blessings and help from our Father in Heaven'. A longer name... but still true.  Because of their apparent need and desire for help from God, they desired to know what these commandments were so they could receive these blessings.  The spirit was so strong!
ANOTHER little miracle with this same family:
we (us and cute Giovanna, a member) went back a couple days later, and Luciana, Ariana and one of Ariana's friends had JUST left to go on a walk. So we just had a mini lesson with Luis and Leo. We first see them and they said, "we know someone from your church!" and turns out, Ariana met a new friend at school who is a member of the English ward. SUCH A BLESSING. Honestly, since we first started meeting with Ariana, I hoped and prayed for her to have some new good influences in her lives. I saw right off the bat that that is what she needed, and heavenly father has blessed her with cute Sadie to be an example and a good righteous friend.  Ahhh so awesome.
Unfortunately, they didn't come to church and fell off of their baptismal date. we were SO SO bummed. ahh sad day. BUTTTTT we invited them to the Labor Day activity AND THEY ALL CAME!!! this was HUGE. They were able to have fun, meet members, tour the church for the first time, and just see it all.  They are coming to another activity saturday and to church sunday I hope hope hope and pray! so that was awesome and they had a great experience.  Ah I love them al so so so much.
I read a really inspiring talk/article by Elder David A Bednar this week called "Learn to Love Learning".  WOW. I feel like here on the mission I have Learned to love learning! Ah line upon line, precept upon precept I am learning new pure truths about my life, and the world around us and I love it. After my mission I am going to do all that I can to keep this up- so that by the end of my life I will know with all my heart, so many things, and those things we will take with us to this next life. Gospel learning is Faith and Testimony strengthening. More important than words can describe!
The mission is trial after trial but I feel myself getting stronger and more and more converted. I love it so much and I love you!!!!
Hermana Barlow

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