Sunday, September 29, 2013

A BRIGHT blue house was screaming our name

Hey hey hey!!
So it was a good week :)
A few weeks ago when we were finishing up studies in the church after District Meeting, a hispanic woman named Maria walked in and said she was a member who just moved into our area!  So this week we were able to have a couple lessons with her family- her husband and two of her kids have not been baptized yet, so we were so excited to be able to start working with them! Such a miracle she happened to come to the chappell when we were there. Anywhoo, Her husband is super open as well as her cute kids, and they are so nice and willing to have us over.  Their only issue.... of course.... like most others... is coming to church on sunday. They come to tuesday activities.. but keep going to Chicago on the weekends! Not cool! Ha no but they are great and we hope to see them progress.
Luciana and her kids are still doing pretty well. I love them so much! Hopefully I will be able to attatch a picture of Leo and I- if I had a little brother I'd hope it'd be him haha! They still have desires to change but aren't really taking action. I'm scared for them, they are still not very good about coming to church either :( ahh pray pray pray, they fell off of their baptismal date yesterday :/ but not for long.
    - another miracle with them is- the 3rd to oldest kid named Jeronimo (who only believes in science.....) said a real prayer with us this week! progress! hahah
We had my last training meeting (at a trainee...) :/ but of course it was wonderful. I got to see Hermana Jones! Love her!!! I love hearing from our leaders- I learned soo much I can't even explain.

Another Lady we are teaching's name is Manuela. The first time we met with her and her mom in law, her mom in law was super nice but explained how she will never switch from catholic.  Manuela was baptized in another christian church in Mexico and loves the bible, but didn't believe there was anything but the bible. I was impressed to ask her about the Book of Mormon, and she showed a little interest. A few lessons later- and she really likes the Book of Mormon and believes it is true!! Her problem is- her husband doesn't want anything but catholic. She has tried to show him the Book of Mormon and everything :( but she is willing to pray and continue to read and do what she can to see a miracle in him. If this miracle does happen, they will be baptized! (im almost positive.....) She is super super sweet.
Also, Antonio is back on date to be baptized. He is a golden investigator for sure- he is even willing to ride his bike all the way to the church (which is way too far...). But when members really have gone for him he hasn't been there! Besides that he is so ready and SO very much in need of the gospel. Really nice man.
Another small miracle: We saw a BRIGHT blue house... screaming our name haha so we knocked it and we have a really solid potential there named Dante. Great things are happening!
We get transfer calls this saturday, and needless to say I am SO very scared. There is a very good chance I will be training- whatever the outcome PLEASE pray for me! Ah especially for the gift of tongues.
We also had a very inspiring stake conference. I got to watch the saturday session in english yay! haha but really, I'm not even a youth leader and I was inspired about what I need to do in the future when I am a youth leader. Important stuff...
Ah I finished the Book of Mormon again (in english) this morning!! ITS STILL TRUE!! haha wow I love love love that book and know I will be reading it continually throughout my whole life. I know that we will be closer to God through this book more than any book. It is the keystone, the evidence, and probably the biggest rock of my faith. I absolutely love it. READ IT!
I am on a constant search for improvement right now.  I know through study and faith and obedience these things will come. I'd love to invite you all- especially my family, to read "Lord I believe" by Elder Holland, and wright down the things you do know, and fan the flame of the faith you already have.
The church is true! amazing things are happening!! I love you all so very much
Hermana Barlow

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