Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"There are times that are hard as hard as hard..."

Week 9 ahh-
Wow thats crazy I just finished week 9! Today is my 2 month aniversary in the field! Woo thats crazy. It feels like its come so fast but also has felt like a long time? Not sure!
WELL so it was a pretty good week! Tons of ups and downs for sure. But a lot more good experiences for my life.
So, we had another lesson with Luciana and Fam this week and we were able to meet Sadie- Ariana's new friend from school who is a miracle!  Ok so this girl is AWESOME. She was baptized... like idk a couple years ago? And wasn't really active at all after her baptism. She was still living the worldly life and not really the commandments either, up until this summer when she went to girls camp. Girls Camp changed her life and now she has the STRONGEST testimony, she shares it with everyone, she is such a good influence for their family. What a blessing! She also speaks spanish and might start coming to the spanish ward too :) So really cool. The lesson she came to was Chastity, Word of Wisdom, and Following the prophet.  Potentially could've been an awkward lesson... but totally wasn't.  Sadie has such a strong testimony about the law of chastity and the word of wisdom, and was able to testify that her life as a follower of Christ/ keeper of the commandments was SO much easier and happier. It was great because not too many members have lived both lives and is able to testify of that.
PRAY PRAY for them, their biggest thing is coming to church.  This will be so hard for their family :(( and it is crucial.
So we finally were able to have a lesson with Antonio, and he had read the WHOLE Restoration Pamphlet... that is SO rare that people do that! He is really great and wants to follow a good path, and he keeps saying he'll come to church but.. hasn't shown yet so. ahh he will eventually.
There are times that are hard as hard as hard.  But I know they either change me for the better or they are obstacles that need to be endured. With Christ nothing is impossible and I know that, he knows every single thing we go through.
you'll be happy to hear this story: dun dun dun DUN i sang TWO YEARS at our ward fiesta this last saturday! Haha so the Obispo calls us that morning and says "so... we need more performers. and I heard hermana Barlow has some singing talents. will she play or do something?" and of course my job here is to help him out.. and if thats what he needs me to do... I'll do it of course! I was like "well... I only know songs in English..." and he said that is fine and that Music is the Language of the world SO  I did it.  I announced " Esta Cancion es en ingles..." (crowd goes 'awwwweee') but oh well! Most speak english anyway haha. it went really well. It was such a fun ward party though! Each organization did a little dance, and the obra missional sang a nice hymn hahah. It was SOOOO fun.
I learned a lot this week, about so many things and especially me as a diciple of Jesus Christ. It is important that we know Christ, not just know about him.  "Waiting on the Road to Damascus" by Elder Uchtdorf helped me know how I can better do that.  When we study his life, learn his teachings every day, little by little become like him, say the things he'd say, do the things he would do, etc. we will find that we have come to know him and have his name written on our hearts. This is what I want, especially for when the time comes for me to meet him.
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