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I think it's 16... yeah semana 16 Oct 28

 Oct 28, 2013
Hola hola
its so hard for me to remember which week in the field it is... I think its 16... anyway...
yeah! Week 16! Time is really going by faster and faster its so crazy. We had a pretty good week this week!
Ok sooo... tuesday we had another Training Meeting for new missionaries and trainers. These always go from 9am to 4pm. Usually the President instructs along with the assistants, sister training leaders, etc. But this time only President and of Sister Fenn (for a little) instructed us.  But of  course I love learning from President so it was wonderful! 
Wednesday Hna Lopez had to get some tests done at the hospital for her stomach. She got put under/to sleep and it was SO funny when she was comming out of it hahah she kept asking the same questions over and over and also insisting that she wanted to go to district meeting. It was so funny! It took all day for her to recover. She has a big stomach ulcer poor girl :( :(
Before going into the Hospital I promised myself I'd talk to people in the waiting room and stuff. When I got in there it was HUGE and.. there were only like 2 others there. It was so awkward! So I prayed telling Heavenly Father that I was a chicken and to please send people to ask me what I do haha. (yeah what a chicken I am right? I think mostly I'm afraid of English Speakers. Hispanics are nicer.) anywhoo... so not too long after One of the reception/nurses came and asked me what we believe!! So I told her of course but she didn't want other missionaries over. And then in the recovery room another nurse told me she was looking for a church! So I was able to testify that this was THE one and I got her number and reffered her to the english missionaries where she lives. Just little cool things ya know..
We had a goal this week to REALLY focus on getting members out with us and to our lessons and we pulled it off! A member was out with us every day and it was awesome because we don't have very members in our area.
A funny thing happened friday. So we stopped in on Jesus- the old man with no teeth- and had a little lesson haha. He is HILAR. Towards the end of the lesson he goes "yeah, we are all brothers and sisters (meaning like, we are children of God). except her (pointing to me) she's not mexican" hahahahha i CRIED an old mexican just made racist comment toward me and it made my day hahahahh ahh good times. I didn't really tell the story very well.. just trust me it was real funny. He felt bad that he hurt my feelings so he apologized but I just was laughing and told him it was fine.

Saturday I was on exchanges with Hermana Alvarez!!

It was SO awesome to be with her. The last 2 transfers she was serving in my ward and she just barely was assigned to be a sister training leader and also trying to build a new spanish branch by bringing the spanish speakers to an English ward in our zone! Its way cool. Basically she is awesome and I love her, and I really learned so much. I have so much to learn and so much more to do and so much room to grow. Its crazy. I hope to be a missionary like her someday.
With her, we put Luciana and her kids back on date. We proposed the 23 of November, but they wanted the 16th so, hey! They agreed to prepare for that date and we were real excited. I mean, I still really am excited except for they didn't come to church like they told us they would :( They still have 2 sundays to come to still be baptized on the 16th so. Pray pray pray pray.

So sunday- we get to sacrament meeting bummed because no one was there. :(( but when we walked into sunday school, Dante was there! He said he came a bit late and sat in the back for sacrament meeting. So we were really happy! He stayed for the next two meetings and after church we were able to have our first lesson with him haha! It was a bit of a tough lesson for me. I'll just say sometimes Hermana Lopez and I feel like we are fighting/struggling with the members we bring to some lessons for a chance to speak. no bueno. but its amazing how the spirit speaks through all the chaos. Right after I finished testifying of the Book of Mormon, he said "oh I have no doubts in this book. When I read the first paragraph in the whole book, I felt in my heart that it was true." WOW. What a blessing and miracle. He also spoke about how of all the churches he has been to, he really feels that this is the true one. So basically, wow. He is preparing to be baptized on the 16th of November as well!
Wow I love the spirit and this gospel and.. everything. It was a really special miracle, especially after all of the challenges, door slams(or shuts... idk same thing), no shows, and struggles we faced this week.
Heavenly Father is aware of us all and has a plan for us all! I hope this week we can find a way to more diligently seek him and his help in our lives.
I love you all! Stay strong, keep praying! Grow your faith and get to know Christ a little more (aka read and study your scriptures.)
Hermana Barlow

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