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Semana 15 Oct 21

Oct 21, 2013
so hey some good things are happening! the first to report is a new investigator named Alessandra. She was a referral from the English Elders that work in our area (its so awesome because the are the Assistants to the President and one of them just got switched from Spanish to English... so referrals galore yaaaay!!) haha anywho, we went around contacting 5 referrals they gave us, and she was the first to tell us to come right in.  Was super exciting! Basically this woman is catholic but also so so spiritual and open to different ideas.  for a long time her husband was so closed off to all things religion, but has recently opened up (the Lord is preparing them!) It was really awesome, and she said that as she receives answers she will be baptized :) such an awesome person!
We had a pretty funny situation with a less active couple- one of them is a recent convert who quickly went less active- or inactive like 6 months ago right after his baptism. super sad! anywhoo... he doesn't like it when we come over. so his wife is nice and invited us to eat and he was surprised by us and didn't look too happy but was nice about it. also she made some mole that was 'a little spicy' (she said. un poquito picante yeah right)  which was actually very very spicy!! anywhoo. I wish I could tell the whole story but its a little long but also funny. oh yeah also it was his birthday hahahahhah the best part. hbd Pablo.
We had another lesson with Guillermo and Julieta- the couple we found last week that is really special! They are really kind and hope to see them progress even more!
another cool thing that has to do with them:
So we showed up @ their apartment to invite them to church but they were busy (lame) so we went upstairs to another apt where their family members live. We met the Mom of that family (Maria of course) for the first time and she let us right in. she then told us her life story basically. She has lost basically all of her faith and she is very very lost. Her whole family (including Guillermo y Julieta) are of the "apostolica' faith, but the seem to not be finding their answers there. We are now teaching this womans family, and hope to meet her other brother as well. Wow so crazy! I wish I could tell you a little about her life story- it involves her husband passing away and she not knowing and always has been wondering where he is/ what happens after we die. Crazy how we were led to this family. I hope and pray that the spirit will testify that the answers we have are true!
Sunday was a little sad but awesome at the same time- Luciana's family didn't come to church again :( ah so sad! Seriously breaks my heart. I want this for them so so much!!
It was awesome because of this:
So I'm not sure if you remember, but one day Hna Hungate and I knocked on a BRIGHT BLUE house because we knew it was Hispanic haha. We met Dante who was really interested. We had a return apt: it fell through because we didn't have a woman to go with us. We made another: same thing happened. So we just brought by a Book of Mormon one day and just basically said to start reading it ha and we will find a time to meet soon. So, sunday morning I had the thought to call him and invite him to church. He said he was coming but I didn't believe him ( hah sad I know. where is my faith?!?)
So we get to church and guess who is there: DANTE! An AWESOME member just fellowshipped him so so so well and he stayed for all three meetings and loved it. And we haven't even had one lesson with him! haha we are excited about him.
Wow sorry this letter is so long but I just have a few more awesome things to tell about Saturday. basically my life was changed!
So Saturday we had the privilege of hearing from Clayton and Christine Christensen in a missionary meeting as well as in a devotional that night.
OH THE THINGS I LEARNED. basically I have been forever inspired!
So Clayton Christensen Is a Harvard Business Professor, and he has written many best-selling business books. He has recently written a new book called "The Power of Everyday Missionaries" and wow. go read it members! Seriously. I mean he hardly talked about the book but I'm sure many of the things he shared with us are in it. he is a GENIUS.
I honestly wish I could write about everything I remembered. I will probably say more about it next week but for right now I will just say that it was awesome and to look him up or something if you can!

haha Well I have learned so much this week. We continually are trying to seek the spirit and find those who are ready for this gospel. The Lord is with us every step, he is with every single one of us, I know it! He loves us so much. The other day writing in my journal I began to write down some things that I have learned on the mission so far about myself and life and etc. just off the top of my head, and I just kept writing and writing and had to cut myself off! I have learned muchisisimo and I am forever thankful for that. Remember God's hand in your life, and that if you put him first, ALL THAT YOU NEED will follow. 
Thank you so much for your prayers.
Peace and blessins!!!
love Hermana Barlow

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