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Week 22 ..."a little too perfect up until Thursday" Dec 9

 Dec 9, 2013
Family and Friends <3

I have very very little time today! We went bowling for a zone activity so we had to drive a far way and now we have about zero time! ahh.
1st of all, THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE MOMMMM wow wow the cutest christmas package you've ever seeeeen!

This week was sad and good! Most the time there is a little of both I think? It was a little too perfect up until Thursday!
We were able to meet with Dante every day leading up to his baptism, he was able to be ready by his scheduled interview last Thursday. It was so great seeing his testimony grow little by little, and to see how prepared he was as well. We were so happy!  He was excited, the members were excited and we were as well, but he talked to his wife early Thursday morning and she decided to change her mind about him joining the church. He called us and told us that he will have to postpone his baptism till after he goes to Mexico and brings her back (in 2 months). He still went to his baptismal interview and passed with 'flying colors'. We really hope he can stay strong for that long. We are pretty worried about it! We're bummed but its ok we are pressing forward. We were also excited because he was going to be (if I am correct) the 2nd baptism in our area this entire year. So, hey. He'll still get baptized right? February?? We have faith!!!

Tuesday we were able to go to an awesome training meeting where we heard from President Fenn which is always so enlightening! Afterwards we had a dinner appt with an Argentine family that is friends with Hermana Lopez' family! They made SUCH good food it was really great.
The Lord ALWAYS shows us so many tender mercies. One was sunday. One of our less actives (an Old man from Cuba) randomly decided to start coming to church again haha! and This week he decided to bring a friend! The sweetest 13 year old girl, also from Cuba. Wow she is such a special girl! I really really hope we get to work with her!
We always ask our members if they need help with anything, and lately the trend is 'help us build our christmas tree!'

Thankfully I learned another really significant thing for my life this week! I am learning little by little more about how I receive answers/ personal revelation. This is a big deal because that has often been a harder thing for me to do. I've found it to be similar to getting ideas for writing songs actually- when I was focused more on that (before my mission), ideas for songs would come to my head and I'd treat them like treasure and write them down immediately. I have found that many of the thoughts/ideas/ impressions I receive here are probably from the Lord! I have made a goal to write them down, listen more, and give the Lord more and more of my mind. The way the mission is set up as far as restrictions on family communication and media make so much more sense now. We need to be focused to give the Lord some room to give us important thoughts and impressions. so do it!! Give the Lord your mind and see what happens in your life. I am interested in what will happen :)
I love you all! I know I am here on a mission for a very very specific reason and that this mission is a crucial part in my life. I am so so thankful for all of your love and support.
love hermana CB

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