Monday, February 17, 2014

Our mission has some cool news! November 4

Week 17? already?

time is flying fast! its almost the end of Hermana Lopez' first transfer! okkk so this week...
Last Tuesday we had a really cool meeting with 2 other zones and Elder Martino from the 70. needless to say it was wonderful and very enlightening.
our mission has some cool news! We have been chosen as one of the missions that will be starting internet proselyting! We will get trained on it this Wednesday and will receive IPADS next week I believe! This will be great- a lot of the Mexicans here are on facebook and such speaking with their other family members in Mexico. So yeah, cool stuff! It'll be a great opportunity to find and do work.
It was unfortunately pretty cold and rainy this week- and a lot of no shows to appointments and a lot of people that weren't home! So, not fun but you know we just keep pushing through.
Funny thing: Sometimes when we say prayers with certain people- they are mumbling while you are praying? Twice this week I was praying in a lesson and the person was mumbling and stuff ha I'm not judging but its just hard to not laugh sometimes.......
A special moment this week was with this really old, super super sweet lady named Maria. She said the sweetest, most heartfelt prayer and started crying during it. Awe her and her classic Mexican husband (sombrero and all) are returning to Michoacán this week. :(
So yeah. Happy Halloween this week!! Most the Hispanics here aren't big fans- some people here kept their kids out of school that day and stuff haha cute. But anyway THANKS MOM for the package! We loved it!
Friday we had a real great lesson with 2 new super cute investigators. Antonella (the mom) and Kiara (daughter)- the Dad and son weren't there, we hope to meet them soon! But yeah they are so special. They are also related to Guillermo y Julieta, and Maria and Melanie (the others that we are teaching) so basically we are teaching their whole fam! Its pretty cool. They're all just having a bit of a struggle keeping commitments. Its crazy that that's what it comes down to! Keeping those little commitments could lead you in a different direction for eternity.
aaannd yeah Luciana's family. ugh so sad!! They fell of date once again yesterday. Some of them are having a hard time keeping any commitments and its sad because some of them are keeping them! It breaks my heart a bit but we are gonna stop seeing them for a bit now. :( there is still hope for them though I think? I hope?
So anywho sunday was stressful as always! We were of course scrambling last minute to do some last minute reminding and inviting- we showed up at Luciana's- they were too busy :( we went to Melanie and Marias, and Maria was too busy but Melanie and her 2 nieces weren't! So we arranged for a ride to come real quick then headed off to church. Dante also called us and said he'd be missing sacrament meeting most likely (we were pretty bummed) but we were just praying and hoping for the best!
I played the hymns in sacrament (for the first time besides mtc!) and I was so happy to see Melanie, Amy, Ivanna come in and Dante a little later! Wow so awesome. Amy and Ivanna had a good time in primary and Melanie stayed with us. They had a good experience thankfully!
We had an awesome lesson with Dante after church as well. It was one of the most special lessons I've been in so far. We invited Hermana Arana- the bishops wife- to join us. We started out with following up on his reading/ listening to the BOM disc. He hadn't :/ so Hermana Arana just took the lesson away with all these amazing amazing inspired questions, testifying, and inviting him to really truly search for an answer from God that this is the true one! Wow it was special and it was exactly what he needed. She was a perfect example of teaching people and not lessons! He is still going to get baptized but probably in December.
Well. This is already a really long letter! But I'd just like to close by saying something about the importance of questions. Heavenly Father wants to reveal things to us about things that are true, and things we have to do in our lives. We just need to ask seek and knock. I'm still striving to do that better and better and I hope you will too!
Much love!!!!
<3 Meee