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Week 23 New area and new 'child' Dec 16

 Dec 16, 2013

HI! wow I have so much to tell, and of course I forgot my Journal at home so I will just remember things the best that I can.
But yeah the big news is: We got our transfer calls Saturday, and tomorrow I will be going to a new area and I will be finishing an Hermanas training- aka. she is my 'step-daughter' hahaha but wow!
My new area is the 'Sycamore and DeKalb... Spanish program?' not sure if it has a name. But listen to what we'll be doing! So about 3 transfers ago, this area was opened. Sycamore ward and DeKalb wards are english wards but don't worry I'm not being switched to the English program- but I will be working with a small Spanish group, helping and working to build it into a branch someday. For our Spanish people there we will have translation and then our own Spanish Sunday school meeting. WOW crazy right??? I will be going to sacrament in English and working with English people... its gonna be weird but I've heard its a really great area and program. Also I get to be with Hermana Grant and finish the last 7 weeks of her training so that'll be exciting- I'm excited to meet her.

Wow this is so bittersweet. I've heard from older missionaries that leaving your first area is the hardest and I believe it. Wow words can't describe how much I love this place and the people here and how much I have grown while being here. I've grown as a person and I've grown so so close to the Lord. It has truly been one of the biggest blessings of my life. I feel like I've done my best and that I've left this area better than I found it. A part of me will definitely be left here.
I will also miss my first 'baby' Hermana Lopez!! We finished the training program yesterday and it is pretty sad, we have gotten along so well and had such a great time working together. I love her!!! Listen to what is happening to her: so she is staying here, and one of the Hermana Training Leaders (thats like the sister version of assistants to the president kinda) Hermana Smith - got released from her assignment and will be coming here. She and Hna Lopez will train a new missionary! The crazy thing about it is that Hermana Smith started her mission here in this area and it was her favorite one :) the area is in wonderful hands.
cutest letter ever

Well I don't have too much time but some great things happened. Last week we got 3 member referrals and this week we got 3 again- that is like a miracle here. We are still following up with them but truly they are miracles! we got to go with one of the Members to meet 2 of them as well! I won't get to teach them ( :/ ) but it was a cool miracle to receive them.
Saturday we stopped by Gabriela's house. We taught the restoration and it went well! We invited her to be baptized and she agreed to prepare for a date in January! soo awesome. We are very excited about this family- next time we hope to be with all of them so they can all work for that goal and search for their answers together. Another miracle is that they already know some of our members and they LOVE THEM. So great things are happening! also her husband makes the popsicles for a popular mexican ice cream place and they are SO GOOD. she gave us one after the lesson (picture below)
Wednesday Dante answered our call and he was just about to leave to mexico. :((( ahh I hope and pray his testimony will stay firm. 
Saturday we got home and realized our house keys had fallen off of our key ring :(( so we were stranded for a little and it was also transfer calls night so it was no fun annoying president but we got to sleep at the other Hermanas and it was good. (picture below)
This week's zone conference was AMAZING as usual. I'm not joking when I say it changed my life!
 I received so much knowledge and revelation for myself as a missionary and for the work in our area. I also received a little revelation for myself as a person and my life!
I came to the meeting prepared to tell about the Book of Mormon scripture that changed my life, which is Moroni's Promise in Moroni 10:3-5. Simply preparing that talk and reflecting back on my experience with that promise helped me to realize a little more about one of my personal purposes here on Earth. The very first time I prayed to know that the Book of Mormon was true, I received a very strong witness from the Holy Ghost that I will never be able to deny. As I was thinking back on that experience, I realized that Heavenly Father gave me that witness for a reason- he knew I would stay true to it. I now more fully realize that one of my personal purposes in life is to always stand as a testimony for that Book, and this Gospel, and this church.
President Fenn knows, loves, cherishes and lives by the counsel given us in the Book of Mormon. In this meeting, as he was reciting and expounding these scriptures I realized that someday I want to be kind of up on his level. Who knows if I'll get there but I want to try. The Book of Mormon is meant to have a huge role in my life- and I have the BEST MISSION PRESIDENT IN THE WORLD (literally) to be an example of how I can do that. One of the biggest reasons I was sent here is to be a missionary under him.
So everyone.... LOVE the book of Mormon- REALIZE what we have!! its an amazing miracle! We have the fullness of the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ. our father in heaven loves us so so much.
<3 hna carli

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