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Week 21...6 months old! Dec 2

Dec 2, 2013
Friends and Family,
for any of you who are confused, the 'week 21' counts for 21 weeks in the field. For some reason I haven't been counting the MTC.
Ok So yeah! It was a very great week. So so so much to be thankful for! 
I'll give you a few highlights.
So Dante is progressing very very well! He is on and ready for his baptism this saturday- it has been awesome hearing about his experiences in feeling changes in his heart since he has been meeting with us. After our lesson today he will have learned everything he needs for his baptismal interview. He has been keeping all the commitments and, yeah he is golden. We are still praying very very hard for him- and I'd like to ask all of  you to pray hard for him as well! He needs it. 
At one of the lessons this week, the members gave him a suit, shirt, and tie! He had it tailored to fit him and everyone at church was like 'WOW Dante!!' he was so happy haha :)

Thanksgiving was good! We went with an Argentine Family where half of the family goes to the English ward and half is less active. It was really fun I got to experience an Argentine-American thanksgiving haha.

Friday was my 6 MONTHS AS A MISSIONARY. Can you believe it? A 1/3 of my mission has past. wow wow its really crazy. It was a great "birthday" though! I we met a wonderful new family!! They are very prepared and we are ecstatic to begin working with them. They live in the same apartment complex as 4 other member families so, we are thrilled. I see great things for this family!
Well there were many other great things that happened but I will leave it there.
This week I learned a cool thing about the importance of learning. On Wednesday I was on exchanges, and that same day we had district meeting (which was an amazing meeting by the way.). Our district leader leaves after this transfer and was released from being and assistant 2 transfers ago. Also, the Assistants were there as  well. So basically I was surrounded by very very good and experienced missionaries. I learned that they are the leaders they are today, because they sought learning early on in their missions. They have learned and experienced so much that they are able to really help and lead us. Why don't I seek learning more than I do?? We are all going to take our knowledge with us to the next life. The time to learn- from the Lord, the Spirit, the scriptures, and each other is now!! I hope we can all seek spiritual learning in some way or another this week.
I love you all! Remember the Lord each day :)

Hermana Barlow
Hermana Lopez made me a 6 month birthday card!

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