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Week 20! Thankful thankful Nov. 25

 Nov 25, 2013
Family and Friends,
It was a great week. This may or may not be a true statement: I am never complaining AGAIN. Wow sometimes it takes a good change of perspective to give me a nice kick and change my views to positive. I'm learning and working to just do that on my own now, but this week hearing about the storms in the Philippines really did that for me. I feel so stupid for EVER complaining about anything. The things that those people and those missionaries went through are incredible. I cannot even believe. I have EVERYTHING to be thankful for and its so sad to me that sometimes I overlook that! Good thing life is all about improvement, progressing and making new goals right? Mine is to be more thankful and keep working HARD no matter how hard its snowing or how many investigators drop. I have the gospel of Jesus Christ. what more would I need?  So thankful!!!!

Ok well lots of cool things happened this week.
I'll start with: Each missionary in our mission now has ipads! Its really awesome. We had a training meeting when we installed all the things and we learned some great stuff. My favorite part was when the guy from salt lake played an audio clip of something Elder Perry said in the Mission Presidents seminar this year. He compared the announcement that was made in June- (when I was in the MTC!!!)- "Hastening the Work of Salvation" to the first vision. That big!! The lord will hasten his work in it's time, and then the end will come (something like that.) How neat to be at the forefront of this.
So now we work on facebook each day on our ipads, we also have our Area Book on there and other cool things such as GOSPEL LIBRARY! haha I've never been too big a fan of digital scriptures but I've been liking it more and more. Its awesome for study- I love learning about the gospel and now I have tons of new resources. SUCH a blessing. Wow!
We were able to have a cool lesson through facebook with one of Hna Lopez' friends from home. really neat.But, since we are a part of the pilot program for facebook, we are all just kind of going for it and seeing what works best. We are praying hard to know how to hasten the work through this new tool- they haven't given us any specific instructions (besides rules obv.). They also gave us some ideas so, hey we'll keep trying.
side note: facebook has hashtags now?? ..
anyways, we have seen a lot of investigators progress and that is such a blessing! Reading the Book of Mormon is a really really huge deal. like I posted on facebook the other day, by small and simple things such as reading our scriptures and praying daily, GREAT THINGS like eternal life- are in store. Those small things keep us on the road to the greatest thing we can EVER imagine!
Funny story from saturday:

so Saturday was our Dia de Gracias (thanksgiving) party. We had plans to meet Dante there earlier and teach him before the party started. So we are there helping with some set up, when Dante and our other investigator Antonio showed up haha! After months and months of teaching Antonio, he finally showed up to the church! Was pretty cool. Dante is such a great investigator and is going to be a wonderful and serving member after he is baptized! Haha anyway,
that lesson went well even though it was strange teaching two separate investigators at the same time? Haha it was cool. We had some other investigators show up to the party as well and that was cool, but of course sometimes people like parties more than sacrament meeting unfortunately, and no one came for that :/ but thats ok.
This week we had another lesson with Maria, Melanie and Hermana Lozano. Hna Lozano is super super awesome, unfortunately the lesson didn't end up as good as we'd have wanted. 
Sunday Maria and Melanie fed us dinner though! It was so so sweet of them. It was really great food too! She's like professional. Before we were leaving Maria comes out with these crocheted things- they were these cool scarf things! She had spent hours making them for us. SO CUTE! awe what a sweet sweet thing I was just in awe and happy.
In the book of Mormon I have been reading in Mosiah lately. I love reading through while searching for attributes of Christ/ certain topics to highlight. It helps me learn about actual topics and how I can apply them in my life. I found a lot of great signs and examples of Patience, Humility, and Faith in these chapters. The people in these chapters have been demonstrating that. If any of you don't know what to do for your scripture study this week, try something like that!
I learned something about humility this week (hopefully I didn't already share it with you?) Well, basically I learned that its prideful to not inquire on the Lord with the choices we make. yeah, a lot of the times he won't give us an answer and will want us to choose for ourselves! But I believe to always be asking his opinion and intending to act on an answer if it comes shows a lot of Faith! Just some food for thought as we go through our lives this week making many decisions- some/many of which may have eternal consequences.
I love you all! Remember your Savior this thanksgiving. He is the reason we are able to be here and able to live for eternity with our families. Love you so so SO much.
con amor,
hermana barlow

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