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Week 18 "Can we pray for you and your animals?" Nov. 11

Hi Friends and Family!

I decided to give a nice subject line for the email today. I will tell the story a bit later.
Fun Fact: I am currently watching it snow for the first time since I've been here. wooo hooo
Ok so it was an up and down week! I don't want to be negative but... mostly down unfortunately :/ but oh well. Its a new day and a new week right!
I'll just start from the beginning.
Monday we had an awesome lesson with Rafaella. She is so dang cute I want to be her friend in real life! She is 19 and came from Mexico 2 years ago. She speaks awesome english but we teach with her in spanish. When she speaks back its kinda like Spanglish haha I love it!! We called her later in the week and she said she had been reading and liking the book of Mormon. I really really hope to see great things with her! We have an appt with her tonight again.
Tuesday, not much happened. We had a lesson with Maria and Melanie. (Maria has no faith and Melanie is the cutest girl ever) And the good thing is Maria said she has been praying?? thats a big deal so, hey has hard as she seems maybe deep down she wants to change? Melanie is the sweetest though. I wish you all could hear her prayers! The most sincere I have ever heard. Pray for them, they need it!
Wednesday we had a Zone Training Meeting- centered in
wow so crazy and awesome! We will be spending an Hour a day teaching, finding, following up on appts and commitments, etc through facebook! I ended up switching accounts with my Mom so I could save my friends and everything on my own account. So for those of you who would like to add me on this account: facebook.com/carli.barlow99 you may, but just know I will only be using it for purposes in line with my calling as a missionary :)
My comp and I are able to prepare non-members I know from home (through facebook) (aka teach a couple lessons through facebook) to meet the missionaries where they live though, so as far as talking to people from home, things vary. But yeah! it is cool. I hope to see some opportunities to further the work here through it. We will be getting Ipads next week.
So Later on wednesday we had a feeling to visit one of our members- and we had planned to teach her about the book of mormon- just back to the basics. When we went there it was amazing! We had come at a time she needed us most, and our lesson was perfectly for her needs. The spirit really guides and heavenly Father really loves and knows his children.
Thursday we had another awesome active member lesson. There is this family in our area that I haven't had a lesson with or anything since I have been here. They scared me a little bit and weren't always the nicest! But we have really been trying to see them, and we finally did Thursday! It was great. The mom wants to feed us and go teaching with us again. We have re-gained their trust, and I thank the spirit again! Amazing stuff.
SO basically Friday and Saturday were like jokes almost. We walked SO MUCH and tried so many people and knocked so many doors... and friday we got in one non-members house, saturday we got in none! hah the only house I got to go in Saturday was a less-actives'. Well anywhoo here comes the story of my subject heading:
So we were walking down a street Saturday and we see a man on a roof blowing his leaves off. His daughter just came out of the house and we stopped to talked to her (they were white). So anywhoo we give our spill, and she showed some intrest! We talked with her about prayer, and she says she prays if any of her animals die. Makes sense right? its a hard time. She also said one of them had died that day! Prepared maybe?? anywhoo so my companion goes "So before we leave could we pray for you and your animals?" and she said yes. hahahah Im not sure why its so funny to me, idk its just a line you don't hear that often? ahhaha probably the highlight of that day not joking sadly
Another good thing that happened saturday (ok maybe this was the highlight) Cute Melanie called us and said that her, her niece, and her cousin, wanted to come to church again and she was asking for us to find them a ride :) so we got one all set up! they were real excited.
buttttt.... Sunday they couldn't go anymore :(  We tried to see if Luciana's family wanted to go but... I swear they are doing worse and worse. It breaks my heart!!
Sunday was a hard day, especially because it was one of my favorite people- hermana Lane's- last sunday in the ward since we both got here! She is getting transferred and I am staying one more. Ah its hard to see her go- I'm now the missionary that has been in this ward the longest! Still doesn't feel like I've been here that long. But yeah. It was really hard because no one was there in sacrament. But it got better once we went to sunday school and Dante was there. He is a really awesome and kind- heart-ed man. He loves church so much and that is awesome!
Hermanas Lane and Davies had a baptism after church and he was able to attend! We taught him after that and had a great lesson and moved his baptismal date further. He is progressing well :) Its a joy to work with him! Pray for him to keep progressing and getting answers, as well for his wife in mexico to be able to find the chapel there and learn from the missionaries.
My love for the book of Enos in the book of mormon grew this week.  Wow its crazy how at different times, the same scriptures can mean different things to you! I love the emphasis on faith that is put there. Verse 27 gave me a lot of comfort, especially when I was close to being discouraged this week. There are wonderful things waiting for those who faithfully follow our Lord and Savior! Don't ever forget him or forget the things he has prepared for you.
Los Quiero!!!
<3 La Hermana Barlow

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