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Dec 30, 2013

So this week was great of course- Christmas is always great! Especially talking to the fam. It was awesome! Thanks to all for the cards/emails and such :)

Christmas Eve was really special this year. We had dinner with the sweetest family, the Neumanns. The kids are grown up and the grandparents were there- the sweetest couple from Germany. I was obsessed with them!! We ate delicious Chicago style pizza, it was great.
My favorite part was the end of the night when we each went around and shared a scripture about Christ. I absolutely loved it because we really focused on not only the birth of Christ- but his whole life, ministry, and what he did. I felt the spirit so strong while really taking that special time to remember him and his different characteristics and what he means in our lives today. Brother Neumann's scriptures were in Mosiah 5, where it talks about the name of Jesus Christ, and how sacred it is, and how important it is and what it means to have his name written on our hearts. The spirit hit me really strong and I felt so grateful for the chance that I have right now- to actually wear his name each day and represent HIM. It reminds me of a quote that I read a while back that said 'Rejoice that you are counted worthy to be persecuted for his name's sake.' or something along those lines. Its true- no matter what hard things happen here, we still have MANY reasons to be happy and to be thankful- especially the fact that we are his representatives. I loved that so much and I felt his spirit there. He lives and he loves us!

Well, Christmas we had district meeting, Talked with the family and had Dinner with a family in the ward! It was great. 

The next couple days were, alright! We had more appointments fall through than almost any other week I've been here, but its ok! This week is going to be better! At least I really hope, its new years so we will have to spend some extra time inside :/ but it'll work out!

A cool thing that happened this week was that an investigator thanked us for showing up at his door in a follow up lesson- that doesn't happen too often so it was neat. I am so thankful for the spirit- I'm trying to follow it better and better and I still feel new at it but wow. Even just following those promptings is so rewarding!

I hope you all have a great new year and make some wonderful new years resolutions. (If I may suggest one: read the Book of Mormon! haha really though.)
anywhoo I love you!!!

<3 Hermana Barlow

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