Monday, March 3, 2014

A very special miracle happened! Jan. 6

 Jan 6
Familia and friends.

I imagine you all may or may not be at the edge of your seats, so I will tell you the news of the great miracle that we were blessed with! We had a miracle baptism!! Yay!! Our awesome, amazing and wonderful investigator Ivan showed his faith to the Lord and, well I'll just tell you his story.

Background in a nutshell: So Ivan has been investigating the church for about a year. His girlfriend in mexico is a member and last year he got in contact with the english elders and he first learned a bit from them, then from the missionaries in mexico, then from the last set of Hermanas that were here. He has had desires to be baptized for a while but for a few different reasons he hasn't, the main one being that he always wanted his family to be there.

So he was supposed to go down to mexico and get baptized and stay there for a while in December, but he wasn't able to go because of his work here. We had a lesson with him and encouraged him to really pray about whether he should be baptized here or in mexico. We didn't push him either way but we discussed how if we ask with real intent, being willing to act on the answer that God gives us, he will truly answer and guide us. Ivan has an amazing amount of faith and we knew that he would follow what God wanted for him!

So last monday night we got a call from him and he said that he really wanted to start this new year out really good with God. He said he was feeling really strongly that he had to be baptized on January 1! He wondered if his family could watch it on skype- and the answer from salt lake is no. they can watch the program, but not the ordinance over skype. So he was really bummed about that but he said 'ok let me talk to my family and i will get back to you.' we got a call back and he said he felt really strong and happy about being baptized on the 1st- which was two days later!! So we got him an interview, and pulled together a last minute baptism! 

with only basically 1 day notice, the 2 elders and 2 other hermanas that have taught him were able to get rides from their areas to come to the baptism. Members took time out of their new years day to come to the baptism and WOW there were so many miraculous things about that day.  Everything truly went PERFECTLY even though it was so last minute. The lord was truly helping us and blessing us in every way. It was a miracle! After the baptism we asked him how he felt- and he said he was so happy. It was so so hard for him not to have his family there, but he said he thought of Abraham and Issac, and how abraham was willing to sacrifice all for the will of the Father, and in his own way Ivan also sacrificed for the Lord. I am honored to be a small part of this miracle and to know this wonderful and faithful man!

Well I could say much more but that is all about the baptism for now. This week was probably one of the best on my mission! Not only was that one of the biggest miracles I have seen, but we saw SEVERAL others one after another on Saturday. It may be safe to say that my joy was full! We brought this awesome awesome member out with us on saturday- and we saw miracle after miracle. Almost each person we tried ended up letting us in. We were able to invite 4 different people to be baptized- 3 said yes when they know it is true and one accepted a date. I felt the hand of the Lord leading and guiding us and I'm not sure what it was or why but that day was also an absolute miracle. The Lord is there when we are at our lowest and He is there when things are better than we can ever imagine. Words can't describe how close to him I feel and I want this for EVERYONE! these things are true. He knows us and he hears us- don't forget it!

Love you all SO MUCH! Have a great week and good luck with your new years resolutions.

<3 Hermana Barlow.

One thing I forgot to tell you about... One day this week we knocked on a door and their dog answered. LITERALLY! It was HILAR haha

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