Monday, March 10, 2014

A MILLION things to tell you... Feb 10

Hola familia!
 WOW do I have A MILLION things to tell you... I prob won't be able to tell you everything but this may or may not be a novel!
 OK so Monday, last day in the Sycamore/Dekalb Spanish area we visited Regina's family. Miss them! Cute Olivia gave us stuffed Animals. it was adorable

 email 2:
 Sorry everyone this was my first time sending my email from my iPad (that's basically our only option here) and I wrote a NOVEL and I have no idea how it all got erased!  I am so sad :(

 Well. Now I am all sad because it took me forever to write and now you won't get all the details. Ahh dang they were such good details too!!

 So I have a new compañera hermana simmons! She is great and beautiful and hardworking and obedient and awesome! I'm excited to be working with her.
 Our area is bordering the Chicago mission. We have great members and we're lucky to be in a Spanish ward!
 The biggest miracle is a man named alexander! A week before I came they found alexander and he came to church before they even taught him! He loved it. We taught him later in the week while he was eating dinner in a market in a grocery store. He is so generous and loves that we are serving God and wanted to feed us like the members do. He knows the bible so well and has such great faith! At the end of the lesson he was asking questions about baptism and he says "when is the soonest I can be baptized?" So amazing! Our faces were priceless! Such a miracle. He agreed to see us almost every day and prepare for the 22nd of February to be baptized. He asked for the soonest day and that was it! Please pray for him he is so great and ready. He already has a growing testimony and is finding and acting on answers to prayers. He is amazing

 Then (in my original email) I went on to tell about a funny story where a Jehovah's Witness lady gave us a ride and when we taught alexander in a hair salon and stuff. Then I shared a scripture I found and my testimony about our purpose on earth! It was really great but hey. This'll have to do!

 Love you all!
 Hermana barlow

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