Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Siempre hay milagros Mar 10


WOW this week was crazy full of miracles. I know I say that just about
every week, but for real this time! We taught so many people who are
so desperately in need of the gospel. I know everyone needs it, but I
guess these people this week, we could see a little more of the

Here are the top 3:

Miracle 1:
we have been trying to see Joaquin and we had been planning to
invite him to be baptized on a specific date. But OF COURSE the
adversary knew what we were up to. Everything was getting in the way!
Finally after 3 failed attempts of seeing him (for a few different
reasons) Thursday we had an appointment with him, and an hour before
the woman who was supposed to come with us fell through (it's a rule
that we have to have another woman with us when we are with any men.).
AH NOT AGAIN we thought. We immediately started calling everyone. No
answer. Can't go. Part of me said just try tomorrow but I just didn't
feel like we should stop trying just then. Finally one lady said "I
can't go but call Hermana rayo." So, Hna rayo is not in our area and
we didn't know her but hey, we had nothing to lose! We called her and
said "do you have time to come to a lesson right now." And she was
like yep! Just let me get dressed! And also she didn't have a car.
Luckily we are doing a different car share right now so we had the car.
We drove 15 minutes there to get her and 15 back to Joaquin's. As
we were waiting for him to buzz us into the building we were just
praying and praying and waiting and then...... Buzzzzzzzzz! We
looked at each other with the best/happiest/excited look! We went in
and Hna Rayo helped keep his kids occupied while we taught. He ended
up accepting a baptismal date that night!! We were just like ohhhh
myyyyy goooodddnessss we have witnessed a miracle. It was super great.
Also he has been feeling the spirit when he reads the Book of Mormon.
He is one of those who we can tell that the gospel is going to fill a
huge hole in his heart. We love him! And his 5 year old still asks us
if we have boyfriends and if there are toys at church each time we go

Miracle 2:
Valentin and Elena! Ok so this is an older couple who have been separated
for a while but are trying to mend their marriage and get back
together. They've never been taught, Most times when we have gone they
haven't been home. We weren't even planning it but we just decided to
go there Wednesday. We went and they both were home! We went in and
taught a tiny bit and got a return appt. we returned Friday and taught
the restoration. They were really attentive and I really think they
felt the spirit. I really did feel the spirit's guidance in that
lesson. They were telling us about their religious background and
basically they are now humble to learn  and find out for themselves,
whereas before they weren't. Amazing how the Lord leads us to those
who are ready. Anyways, in the end we invited them to be baptized on
April 12th. They were willing to prepare! In the closing prayer, Elena
said it. She took a long long pause after saying a few sentences and
it was special. They are ready for a change and they are ready to be
closer to God. Love them so much!!

Miracle 3:
Last week we went to find a less active but she had moved, so we met a
different couple. They said we could come back another day. We went
back and had our first lesson with them this week. We didn't how to begin
teaching and the woman expressed right away that she was seeking more
peace in this life. The man expressed that he didn't have much of a
religious background and didn't pray as much as his wife, but they
expressed interest to learn more. They have one 13 year old son who
was at a movie with his friends who they were texting and checking in
on during our time there. We could tell they loved him so much. So we
taught the restoration and the spirit was very strong. They said
they'll be baptized when they know it's true and committed to read and
pray about the Book of Mormon. The most special part about the whole
lesson was when we knelt down and invited the Man to say the closing
prayer. He was nervous and we encouraged him, and then he began to
pray, and said a few sentences, only asking for his son. Then he
paused, for a whole long minute of silence that felt like forever! The
spirit was radiating, I really hope they felt what I felt. Then he
said amen, we thanked him and I said "wow we can tell you love your
son so much." And then the man went on to quietly tell us something
that we could tell was so personal for them- their son had been
bullied various times and has tried to commit suicide twice. 13 years
old. They said that with therapy things are getting better. The woman
had tears in her eyes. My heart just broke, and I really felt like a
representative of Christ- I felt so much love, and I could tell they
already trusted us. Hermana Simmons and I testified of the power of
the atonement. the power of our message and the Book of Mormon
will help them with these specific trials. I was in awe at how out of
all of the people that could've been in that less-active's old
apartment, it was them. we were led to them at the right time. I
am forever thankful for the tender mercy that my mission is to me. I
know Heavenly Father knows our trials and sends help in the way we
need it.

The truth: if you do the Lords work + trust in him = you WILL see
miracles and be blessed more than you could ever imagine.

P.s. Dear parents:  next week is your 20 years of being parents!


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