Monday, March 17, 2014

hay juguetes de dios Mar 3

 so I'm getting a bit tired of writing home haha idk why! So don't
expect to be impressed by anything haha.

 funny story (translated to English) these crazy children who's dad
we teach, were totaly disrupting our lesson big time but they were
cute. We were talking about what they will see at church and one asked
me "are there toys at church?" I said "no just teachers and songs and
learning about God!" And he said "hay juguetes de Dios? (are there
toys of God?)" I laughed...He is 5 and also told me he has a

Tuesday we had a great great new missionary training meeting. We
learned a lot about obedience, teaching, focus, raising our vision,
etc. he talked about how it is a sin to compare ourselves to others,
we should only compare ourselves to ourselves and measure our progress
that way. He said "none of us are born again in an instant. It is by
degrees" I loved while he was taking about obedience he said "Why do I
want you to be obedient? Because I know it is the only road to
happiness" this goes for normal non-mission life to! Obeying the
commandments is the ONLY way to true happiness. True!!
Also a missionary asked a question about how,we can focus our minds.
President gave us some places to start:
1. Our prayers. Intensity is more important than duration
2. While taking the sacrament- a time to evaluate our standing before God.
3. In lessons
4. During personal study.

I hope to master these areas of focus not only for my mission but for
my life. I invite you all to do the same, our thoughts precede our
actions and lives!
I left that meeting with such a desire to improve.

We were able to go on exchanges and I learned a lot from the best, Hermana Davies! 
It's crazy how the sisters in San Diego told me to look out for her because
her sister served in SD too. Love her! We taught a nice family and I
felt the spirit so strong while testifying of Joseph Smith. It was
such a tender mercy because I had prayed the day before to really feel
and recognize the spirit testifying through me. So... The Lord loves
me and answers my prayers!

While I was away from my area my comp and the other Hermana had a huge
miracle! They met a Honduran lady who knows one of the less active
members in the other Hermanas area... so crazy that on the one day we
were on exchanges they met her! They taught her the restoration. The
next morning she invited us over for lunch! So sweet! So we went,

she is SO GREAT! She accepted a baptismal date and we are
very excited. Her name is Juana.

ALSO Alexander got confirmed yesterday!! He also bore his testimony, it
was amazing amazing. He is so great. He also gave us two shout outs
with our names and all hah it was so great. Love him!!

So yeah! I'm doing well and I have to go but I love you I hope you all
make good choices this week!

Love, Hermana Barlow

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