Wednesday, March 12, 2014

dia de amor y amistad

Hi family!

So this week my letter will not be deleting I'm making sure of that!
Haha but yeah so today we WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!! It was amazing I loved
it but also that means I don't have much time to email so sorry if I
don't reply to other emails today. Also that's the reason why we
switched p-day to today.

So this past week was great! We had the car and a lot of great things
happened. The main miracle is Alexander he is doing GREAT and
basically ready for his baptism this Saturday!! Just needs his interview
and he'll be set. Words can't express how excited we are and how
blessed we feel to know him and to be teaching him. Our lessons were
all wonderful. it's like... we are all teaching each other. It's like the
scripture in DyC 50 we really are edified and rejoice together. Our
latest lesson he took a second at the end to thank us for finding him
and teaching him. He is so great please pray for him! He has a VERY
bright future and I can't wait to see what is in store! I am So so so
thankful for this opportunity.

This week we don't have the car and we still need to see him a lot so
we are going to be working very hard and praying a lot a lot! Thank
you for all of your prayers.

Valentines day I got some wonderful packages and letters thanks so
much Mom, Nana, and Grandma Annie!! Loveeee you. Also our ward had an
activity where the young women were selling flowers and chocolate and
2 of the single men members in our area bought us some hahah that's
what the picture is of.

So yesterday I kind of fell in love with Alma 33! I've always loved
Alma 32 but wow I really love how Alma really defines for us what he
means by "the word" (like in alma 32:28 where he compares the word
unto a seed). I read in a footnote to John 1:14(ish) that "the Word"
is Jesus Christ- because all the words are fulfilled through him. The
scriptures that testify of him are what we shouldd plant in our
hearts. Then alma quotes Zenos who gives a beautiful testimony of
Christ. Kind of obsessed!

Also there is an awesome Book of Mormon video on about Alma
and Korihor. From alma 30. Family- read alma 30 together and then
watch the movie for FHE next week you'll love it! All things denote
there is a God!

ALSO President Fenn instructed us this week on prayer. WOW ok so
basically I don't have time to tell you about all of it but I am now
really really working on making my prayers focussed and making sure
they reached higher than the ceilings. Because let be honest sometimes
we get tired or distracted and that's a SIN hahahha no but really it's
great. And later I read in the bible dictionary that "prayer is a form
of work". Prayer is a powerful thing!! Don't forget to pray!

I love you all and I could not be any more grateful for everyone in my life!

Love Hna carli

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