Saturday, March 15, 2014

Miracles! Feb 24

Hola familia-

It was a pretty crazy but very very wonderful week. A crazy crazy
thing is.... This February 29th is my halfway mark! But it's awkward

because February 29th won't be occurring so............. 2 year
extension? Haha just kidding but I can't believe it.. Don't want to
believe it either! It's gone too fast.

But yes as many of you have heard, THERE WAS A BAPTISM!!
Definitely one of the top- if not the very top greatest events in my
mission! It was crazy to see the little ways the adversary would get
in the way but everything went through so amazingly. During the week
we had last minute lessons, the baptismal interview, and the baptismal
record to fill out. We had to meet with alexander and have a lesson but we
didn't have a car and had woman members cancel... just so many things got
in the way! But it was meant to happen and He had settled it in his
heart that he needed to be baptized.

His interview went well (they told us) and so we were just left to
figure everything out- and it was probably the biggest struggle! Plans
were dropping, rides were dropping, The hardest things were getting us
a ride to the baptism, and him a ride to his own baptism. Super
stressful! After calling just about every member, things came together

From Saturday morning and on through the baptism things went
amazingly well. The elders were filling the font, our ward mission
leader made the program, the lady who was playing the piano for our
musical number was there early to practice with us, alexander was there
early and ready, we got pictures and he was ready to go! A great

So some things came up and I was unable to finish! Sorry and I love you!

...the next day:

We got permission to finish up the emails tonight so here is the rest
of what I was going to say:

It was such a great baptismal service. The talks went perfect and our
song (how great thou art) went well. He gave his testimony at the end
and it was just great. Wow he is a miracle and I just can't wait to
see what The Lord has in store for him. The day after the baptism we
brought him a card and a little hymn book just for congratulations and
he thanked us again for teaching him and told us we will be
friends forever and he told us that he is excited to move forward in
the church and endure to the end! Not lying, best investigator on
earth I think! Needless to say my joy is very close to full!

Sunday we had a lesson with two new investigators, it was cool and
also funny. The man is a headquarter referral- he was given a pass
along card a while ago and he called the number and requested a video
and Book of Mormon so... He is pretty great! There is a lady named
Carla that lives there too who is from Brazil- on the phone the man,
Javier, told us that Carla wasn't interested so we didn't expect her to
be there. So we brought our member Nati who is super super awesome.
While teaching Javier, Carla came in with her bible and joined! I am not
sure if she was speaking Portuguese, Spanish with a heavy accent or
sportugish but I could understand her fairly well! The sweetest thing
was that at the end of the lesson Nati gave her copy of the Book of
Mormon (that had a cute cover on it) to Carla. Carla was really really
touched and we think she might actually read it because of that! We
saw their friendship kind of begin and it was really cute. We are
excited to start working with them!

Right now I am in Alma 49 for president Fenn's challenge. I love how
marking the scriptures that way causes me to think and ponder more
about it! I love all the loving instruction Alma gives to his sons,
especially corianton the sinner. I found a quote that I like that goes
a along with it "this early intervention by his father became a
turning point for corianton. He repented and served faithfully
hereafter." -Larry r Lawrence, courageous parenting.
This time reading through I really gained a love and appreciation for
Alma. He could not NOT do the work of The Lord. When he "died" /
disappeared forever I was pretty sad, may have almost cried! It's fine
though. He felt the change that was brought through Christ and never
looked back, I hope we can all be more like him, one of my heroes!

I love you so much! Have a great great week.

Hermana Barlow

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