Thursday, March 6, 2014

WOW did the week go by fast! Jan 27

So.. main things are..

Last week we called all the investigators in the phone. We got an appointment set up with a girl who was in the phone as Catalina (PNI) which means potential new investigator. So we went to the appointment and she was there! We went in and met her two kids and taught the restoration. She was actually participating- she was so surprised about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, she was like "wow I didn't know about that!!!" and we were like yeah that's why we're here! It was great. They seem like they will truly search for an answer. We hope to see more progress with them!

So one of the days our appointment fell through so we were stopping by some other investigators that we have on the street and while leaving one of the doors where no one was home I had the impression to try a lady named Mia that we only met once that didn't seem interested at all. So we go to her house and we are knocking and waiting when a man comes walking on the street behind us and we began talking to him and turns out he lived there to! He offered to go look for Mia but he didn't find her so he came back down. We told him our quick restoration message and about what we did and he was interested and so kind! Embarrassingly enough during the course of this encounter I was trying to write info in my notebook/ on a pass along card while wearing gloves and I dropped my pen in the snow 5 times! He picked it up each time it was quite embarrassing!! but we're excited about him.

Friday we were so excited to do a church tour with Regina's family! We went during the day and they said they had laundry to do and they told us 6:30 would be better but around 6 they told us they had too much to do to go. But they still said we could go to their house and teach them! So we were happy about that. We got the girls an English book of Mormon and they committed to come to church this sunday and they're going to ask for work off and all. So we are hoping and praying for that!! So excited!

So Gael is progressing real well, in a lesson this week we invited him to pray about baptism and confirmation and have a specific date in mind. Then there on the spot he suggested that he'd pray about the 15th of February! That was big because we weren't sure if he was taking everything too seriously. so please pray that he will receive and answer and follow it!

another great thing was Gael came to church but also Eduardo! It was his first time ever. It was the four of us on the back row with our translation headphones on while a member translated. It was so great we were so happy!! We then taught sunday school (and both of them participated a lot!) as well as relief society which also went well.

This week during weekly planning we were praying to set a goal for February baptisms. I felt so strongly to set 3 as a goal and so did Hermana Grant! Wow I've set many goals while out here but none have felt so much like a promise as this one has! So we will be doing everything in our power to follow the spirit in reaching this goal. He has some great plans I know it!

Another great thing during weekly planning was that we were making plans to find new investigators. We looked at a list of spanish names we had found in the phonebook and we each decided to separate and prayerfully come up with 4 that we felt like we needed to visit in the next week. 3/4 of each of our lists were the same! It was really great so we are excited to see what happens with these people when we meet them this week haha.

This week my understanding of Faith has grown so much! I wish I could really explain it but its a bit too hard to put in words. While watching the restoration video with Regina's family I learned about faith while watching Joseph Smith the morning of the first vision. He got up all early and walked all the way out there, truly believing and expecting to receive a real, actual, noticeable answer. What if he was like oh well idk what to expect/ too lazy/ God has never answered me before/ excuses/ etc.?? would not have been good! God will actually answer us!!! We just have to live according, believe, and expect it.

I love you all!!!
Love Hermana Barlow

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