Saturday, March 8, 2014

I'm having a HUGE deja vu- Feb 3

Well,  some big changes are happening! Actually its a HUGE deja vu- basically the same thing that happened last transfers.
look: so last transfer Hna Lopez finished her training and then I was called to go to a new area to finish the last 6 weeks of hermana grant's training while Hna Lopez stayed with the released Hermana Training Leader (who is on her last transfer), in a trio with a new missionary.
NOW... Hermana Grant just finished her training yesterday and I am going to a new area to finish training Hermana Simmons and Hermana Grant will stay with another released Hermana Training Leader (on her last transfer) in trio with a new missionary. Deja vu I know!  So I am yet to leave the 12 week training program haha.
We were SO shocked when we found out because I have only been in this area 7 weeks. That is nothing!! I really really love this area- it has been so great serving here. I miss everyone here already but I guess leaving places and people I love is what I signed up for right? The country is so gorgeous! But now I am back to the city. My new area is in Arlington Heights...back to a Spanish ward woohoo! I've heard great things about it so, It'll be great.

I got this in a fortune cookie last week...

Ok here is a cool story that I feel like I have already told you- but... idk.
A week before I left my last area while with Hermana Lopez, we were visiting some Potential investigators in an apartment building. Before leaving the building Hermana Lopez stopped walking and was looking at a door. She said 'should we knock it?' and i was like 'meh.' because I was kind of sick of knocking but then I re-thought it and said 'ok why not.' so an indian man answered and we told him who we were and testified of the restoration and the book of mormon. He told us english missionaries could come back to teach him. We referred him to the Assistants who are english in that area... and guess what!? He and his Mom get baptized this week!!! Very very cool miracle.

This week was pretty good!
The highlights are: We had our first lesson with a man named Miguel and we were able to tell him about how we were led to him! (I told about him in my last email- in the second paragraph, the one where I kept dropping my pen). But anywhoo he is a great great guy. He asked if he could buy a copy of the Book of Mormon when we taught him about it haha. It was so great. I'm excited for the Hermanas to continue to teach him.
Also as I've said before, I love Regina's family! We had a great lesson with her and her youngest daughter Olivia- Olivia had kept the commitments we invited her to do! Regina was telling us that she and Olivia LOVE learning from us and really want to come to church but the rest of the family isn't too excited about it. We were able to read in the Book of Mormon to answer some of her questions and it was really great.  I will miss them a lot!
Another miracle was- as we were walking up to regina's house that day, their neighbor (who we taught twice but haven't been able to find since) came out and started talking to us! He apologized for his busy-ness and gave us a time that we could come back. Super cool- he seems really ready.
We also had a lesson with Eduardo and he came to church! we are excited about that.
Thursday we had a Womens Conference with all the sisters in the whole mission! It was so great. The sister training leaders instructed us and were wonderful, and Sister Fenn told us this amazing story about her (great-great?) grandmother, Mary Fielding Smith, who was Hyrum Smith's wife, and the incredible sacrifices she made and how generations were born into the church because of what she did. It was so great! Also I was basically forced (aka President Fenn asked me to and I couldn't say no) to sing a solo for everyone. I didn't do super great but I did ok. I sang 'I Stand All Amazed'. It must not have been too bad because several sisters were telling me that President Fenn was crying I guess? Afterwards he came up to me with the music in hand and said many nice compliments to me and also 'I am going to make a copy of this because it is a beautiful arrangement. I may have to have you sing this at my funeral in a few years, this is actually the song I want sung at my funeral" so that was nice... I think he was kidding but then he said it again in front of everyone ha I just hope he lives a lot longer than a few more years! but it was cool. Great day!
So yeah. I have grown so so much here in this area! I have learned a lot and, I don't know just grown closer to the Lord overall. I know our lives turn out better when we turn our will over to him, I'm surely not perfect at doing that but I have seen the benefits in little ways Remember him and your blessings this week and always remember I love you!
<3 Hermana Barlow

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