Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Survived the -40 degree windchill! Jan 13


Hi everyone!
The week passed pretty fast! We survived the -40 wind chill monday and we still went out and fought through it tuesday- it was better, the actual temperature was around 0 or a little below but it was probably in the teens with windchill! We had a member come out with us half the day and another for the other half. Unfortunately no one was home/ had time for us haha!

One thing we did when it was frostbite weather was 'phone book finding' haha not to be creepy but we went through the phone book and found the hispanic names. The first day we went out contacting these people, we just took the 10 or so names and tried them but they didn't work out/ weren't home. The next day we went to a different city... but first we each prayed about which ones we needed to visit then came together to see which ones we had in common- we came up with a more inspired list. Wow this list truly was inspired- a miracle has happened at each one we have visited so far.

First person we tried, a lady answered and let us right in. We gave her a brief explanation of who we are and what our message is and she invited us to sit down and share a bit more. Her name is Regina. We met her three daughters who are adorable. We then had this wonderful spiritual lesson! Her 10 year old daughter stayed and listened but the other sisters were hiding behind their cell phones. But WOW I love them so much! Regina is so wonderful and when we went to our return appointment, she had read from the introduction up until 1 Nephi 3. Crazy! We were so excited. We are excited to work with her!
The second house wasn't a hispanic person, but a white man. He was the first white adult that I have knocked into on my mission so far that was actually interested in what we had to say! He had read the whole Bible before. We shared the restoration with him and the miracle came when I was able to remember the first vision in english! He said he does believe that God could call a prophet again like he did in the Bible. So that was cool and we are referring him to the Elders.
The other houses we knocked on we did find hispanics and they said to return another day but still! There is much power in being guided by the Spirit.
Translating went a little bit better this week! Either the people spoke slower or Heavenly Father blessed and helped me even more. Either way I know he is helping me and I'm thankful for that.

Another small miracle is that my comp dropped our cell phone in a puddle for about an hour and we thought it was a gonner! after spending all night in the rice it just wasn't working right. It turned on but was almost impossible to use. Later that day though we went to show some people how badly it had been destroyed, we turned it on and it was PERFECTLY fine. Wow it was truly a miracle and now it works perfectly!? Pretty cool.

Each week I find A MILLION scriptures that I love (basically) and I just started Jacob and I love it. So wonderfully written, after I finish a chapter I'm excited to go read it again ha. This morning I read Alma 37 when Alma is giving some great advice and commands to his son Helaman. I especially love at the end vs 41-47 when he compares the Liahona that lead Lehi's family, to the words  of Christ. The words of Christ will 'if we follow their course, carry us beyond this vale of sorrow into a far better land of promise'. The Liahona didn't work when they were slothful and didn't exercise their faith- only when they diligently worked for it. We need to do likewise!!

I love you all and I know that each day of our lives it is crucial to Choose Christ in every choice we make. I love you so so much!

Love, Hermana Barlow

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