Friday, March 21, 2014

Nuestro Cumpleaños Mar 17

Friends and familia

My title says; OUR birthday because it's mine AND My companions
birthday tomorrow! She is turning 21 and I'm turning 20 so it's gonna
be pretty great.

I bought this shirt for a birthday present for myself. It's super cute huh!

Also we are not getting transferred... so I am for the
first time since my training: not a trainer! I am happy about it.

Ya know, it was a pretty good week. I can't remember a ton of what
happened as usual but hey..

We had a church tour with Joaquin- last week he fell off date
because he didn't come. :( but the church tour went really well.

We talked about baptism by the baptismal font and before we went in the
Church, we invited him to really listen to the spirit.
We went in and I am not joking, we stood in silence for FIVE
MINUTES. I was like... Who is gonna be the first to break it.. Not me.
During the silence I had a cool moment where I was just feeling how
grateful I am to have grown up in this church. The spirit was really
strong, there is something special about the chapel when no one else
is there. So eventually he broke the silence and said he felt the

It was awesome when he came to Sacrament meeting yesterday 
I really think he liked it. 
He is the one with the 2 little boys who are adorable, hilarious,
and pretty rowdy so it was an adventure keeping them quiet in
sacrament. Funny things they said:
5 year old: you're going to go play the piano again? (I'm the ward
pianist by the way... Before I came they sang acapella) I will go up
there with you! (Haha yeah right)
4 year old: (looking at four year old girl behind us) "she is pretty"
ha her parents heard and laughed.
5year old: (after playing the piano in the beginning I have Alexander 

our recent convert come sit by us and Joaquin.) Upon sitting down.. 
5 year old says to my companion: "is this your boyfriend?" Hahahahhah
And the list goes on. I love them to death and I think they were good
and enjoyed primary.

Also this week our bishop and his wife threw a little party for our
birthday and for another hermana missionary in our ward who's
birthday is today. It was so cute! I will send some pictures. They are
so kind, they gave us each a cute cardigan.  these sweet
Honduran Ladies gave us each a lotion from Victoria's Secret. Spoiled!
Haha all the missionaries in our ward came and it was fun.

One day we gave service in an old people care center and we just
visited this old lady. She was so cute and funny. She told us all
about the cat she used to have. She was so happy we were there.. she
said "I love you. Now I have two more friends" hahah we were cracking
up it was great.

I've been reading in 3 nephi this week and I love to see and learn the
things the savior taught and what he did. He showed so much love, and
the truth is one day each of us will meet him too. It's a reality! So
we better be ready. I know that he really did appear to those here in
the American continent!

Have a wonderful week and don't forget that he really is there!

Love you!
Hermana Barlow

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