Wednesday, September 24, 2014

bautismo Aug 25

Querida Familia                                       August 25, 2014

Good news! Lucas is a Mormon! :). THANK YOU for all of your
prayers. It was a great week. We taught him and his wife this week an
awesome and spiritual lesson about enduring to the end and missionary
work. They are awesome and have strong testimonies. They are excited
to be sealed in a year and I am just so thankful to be able to serve
here and know them and see The Lord work miracles with them as they
have allowed him to. I love how they, especially Lucas, has shown his
faith and felt the spirit testify that what he is doing is the Lords
will. I started the Book of Mormon again this week and my challenge
this time is to look for the principles of being born again and, the
power of conversion and how it occurs. I am also highlighting Christ's
names and the word "remember" whenever it's mentioned.  I have seen
the same principles that I have found in the Book of Mormon so far in
real life here on the mission. I've seen it in Lucas in my time here, as
well as others in whom I have seen changes through the Atonement. That
is just a testimony to me that the principles taught in the Book of
Mormon are true, everlasting, and apply to us today! As we study and
pray diligently, act on the word, feel the spirit, and through the
help of The Lord change accordingly, we are converted- this is a
process we can do our whole lives. Missionary work is the coolest

The baptismal service was very spiritual. The font here is the most
beautiful that I've ever seen! We sang a musical number, the talks
were awesome and there was a great turn out there. It was just really
special and hard to put into words. He has a strong testimony and I'm
just excited to see what the future has in store. The Lord has blessed
us so much.

This week I went on an exchange with.... Hermana Lopez! My "daughter"
haha! It was so great I loved being back with her. The exchange was
too short. She is an amazing missionary and I learned a lot from her.
She is very powerful in her teaching and testifying and she is doing
amazing things. We were able to teach a few lessons together and it
was awesome. We got some new investigators and I'll tell you more
about them next week if they continue to investigate.

We had an adventure 
trying to switch after the exchange because a member took us,
and her iPhone took us the longest way through traffic and eventually
we ended up at this closed road and went off- roading a bit to find
our way! Haha luckily a truck driver helped us find our way. Oh yeah
and we got caught behind a 15 minute train. But I think there was a
purpose for all that because the Hermanas who waited an extra hour at
the subway were able to teach an amazingly prepared man! So I think
it's all in the wisdom of God. We had a good adventure though. The
next day Hermana Montanares came with me to Wheaton and it was great
as well. She is a very awesome Hermana!

I have a cool story I've been meaning to tell since the beginning of
the transfer but I keep forgetting. I will try to tell it correctly.
So the 1st day of the transfer one of the English sisters in our ward
told us a story from when she was in Joliet. So I guess she had a
younger recent-convert girl who had gathered some lds music and made a
mix cd and one of the songs was Two Years. Around that time the girl
was debating on whether she would go on a mission. She had just been
praying about this decision and she got in the car, turned it on, and
Two Years started to play. She felt the spirit and took it as an
answer that she should go on a mission! Later on while in the car with
the Sisters and Hermanas she was telling them the story and Hermana
Hungate was one of the Hermanas and told them it was my song. I love
that story (of course)! I guess answers can be received through music.
Thought maybe you'd like to hear it.

So yeah. I just love you all and I know what we teach is true and I'm
excited to continue to stand for it!

Love, Hermana Barlow

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