Sunday, September 28, 2014

el frío... Sept 15

Saludos                                             September 15, 2014

Hola familia! Some good things happened this week. It randomly got
really cold the past couple days which is weird.. So we are hoping the
temperature will rise this week.

We really focussed on the
less-actives and we saw some fruits from it! We also went on an
exchange with the Hermanas in Aurora. Hermana Bitter (who is my
grandchild aka. Hermana Lopez trained her) came with me here in
Wheaton! We taught Lucas, Carolina and her son. Their home teacher Brother
King(who is a seminary teacher) came with and he showed a good video
about Wilford Woodruff's conversion. It was a seminary video so of
course it was cheesy but it was really good and helped me remember how
precious the restored gospel really is. Lucas loved it and now he is
excited to look up all the videos and learn more about church history
so it was great!
  Hermana Bitter and I were in this huge apartment complex knocking
doors and following up on potential investigators when a specific lady
came to my mind. We went to see her and she let us in and we taught
her! It was really great I hope we keep teaching her. She said she
would be baptized when she knows it's true but she won't accept a date
yet. So pray for Jimena, that was a little miracle that we caught her
at the right time.
  Later in the week we saw a similar little miracle, we were in
another area and we planned to knock and follow up with potentials
again. We talked to a few people, and we were leaving to go to another
building when I had the impression to look at our plans because there
was someone there that we missed. At the same time I was opening up my
iPad, Hermana Cadd asked "who was that girl in building 37?" And it
was the same lady! So at the same time we got the same impression.
This lady Abigail seemed pretty promising the first time we visited but
she didn't keep her last return appointment.  I knew as we were
going there that something good was going to happen! At first the
cousin she lived with told us that Abigail was sleeping, but as we
continued to talk to her, Abigail came out and invited us in! We
promised her it wouldn't take long so we didn't teach much but, the
spirit was strong. I really feel that we were led there for a reason
and I also hope that she can begin to progress.
  Other good news is that 4 of our less actives came to church- 2 of
them haven't been in years, and the other 2 stayed all three hours
which they haven't done in a long long time. So we are thankful to The
Lord for that! Our little Spanish group was pretty big yesterday we
were all excited.
  I've been studying a lot about conversion because that is what I am
specifically looking for in the Book of Mormon right now. I'm making a
list of the steps/elements/results of conversion and my list continues
to grow and grow. One talk I read was "Converted Unto The Lord" by
Elder Bednar.
Talking of the converted people in Alma 23 he said:
"Do you and I still possess weapons of rebellion that keep us from
becoming converted unto the Lord?"
Whatever keeps us from being dedicated and putting the Lord on #1 in
our priority list, we need to burry deep in the earth... Sadly there
are a lot of those kinds of things out there.

I also loved this scripture:
2 Nephi 10:24
"24 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, reconcile yourselves to the will
of God, and not to the will of the devil and the flesh; and remember,
after ye are reconciled unto God, that it is only in and through the
grace of God that ye are saved."

We reconcile ourselves and align our lives with His will when we take
the steps to be
born again and be truly converted. Then grace will save us. I love
that it all ties back to the atonement. I also love the fact that God
loves us so much that he gave us our agency, and a way to apply that
atonement in our lives. I love sharing that way with others and giving
them the chance to follow it. I love the gospel and I see it's
perfection more and more each time I share it and see people live it.
I hope we can all make the sacrifices necessary to be more converted
this week!

I love you!
Hermana Barlow

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