Tuesday, September 9, 2014

tentacles and unidentified seafood objects June 23

Hi fam                                                                                       June 23, 2014

Hey it was a pretty good week full of ups and downs. The first few
days we barely taught at all! Just trying and trying and trying and
that's never fun! Its hard for me to go a long amount of time without
teaching, I'm thankful that we get to teach pretty often here. 
Anyway so by Thursday things were falling through and I was just like
PLEASE and then we stopped by this investigator and his wife's place
girlfriend?)  His little daughters were there and they let us in!

Blessing!! It was really great. The wife who didn't seem very
involved at first was like "oh yeah I never realized that before!"
when we were talking about the great apostasy and all the churches
that emerged. I have really high hopes for them because they are a
great family and seem pretty interested. I love them already!

Saturday was pretty funny!  We were in this town in our area that we only
go to a couple times a week because it's 20 miles away. Our plans fell
through so we had chosen a street to knock doors. It was raining
lightly and we were like "meh we're fine" so we start going down the
street and with each house we go to, it rains harder. It was raining super
hard and we just had one more house and so we went to it and finally
someone was home but they didn't have time :(   As we are walking
back to our car it is just monsooning and the rain is just blowing in
our face and the thunder was loud and we were laughing so hard! We
were SOAKED!  

 Then it was time
to go to our appointment -soaking wet.

 Luckily they were there and they
told us to sit down because they had food for us! Which was good
because we were hungry... she says it's shrimp tostadas or
something.. and I'm like sweet I love shrimp!  But she puts the food in
my bowl and I just laugh so hard inside because I see a few different
little tentacles and unidentified seafood objects hahahhaha ah man so
yeah! I love that family though they are pretty great. 
We put on the
restoration movie and as were watching it I'm just thinking.... You
put in your papers to serve a mission and you didn't know where you'd
go, what the physical conditions would be or what the people would be like
or what the
food will be like but you settled it in your heart that that you
will go wherever and do whatever.  As the first vision was shown, I
just felt the spirit so strong! They were really into the movie too
they were like "oh wow!!" It was so great. It was just one of those
moments like, I'm soaking wet and I just ate some un-identified and
barely chewable seafood objects but it's 100 percent worth it! I love
it, I love being a missionary. That family promised to go to church
next week so we are hoping and praying for that.

Yesterday we also had two lessons where we were dropped. I really
don't like dropping lessons no matter who is doing the dropping, in
those moments I feel an even deeper love for them and this restored
gospel and an even greater urgency that they know it. In one lesson our
investigator didn't want to accept it because he only accepts the
Bible. We did all we could, we let the Book of Mormon speak for
itself, we responded to his doubts, etc. But in the end we were left
with our testimonies. I felt my testimony of the Book of Mormon come
from my core and I know they felt the spirit. Although hard, these are
special moments that I will remember and cherish! They still didn't
want to continue learning right now but both the lessons ended with
them coming up with a way to "leave on good terms" and they promised
us to read the Book of Mormon and do what the promise says and later
call us. I hope that our testimonies left a mark on them and I know
that The Lord has a plan for them. Sometimes I just want to see where
they'll end up but, I'll have to wait. Or maybe they'll call in a
couple weeks.

In preach my gospel I was reading the referenced scriptures under "the
great apostasy" and it references us to chapter 40 in Jesus the
Christ. I started reading that today and WOW it's just mind blowing
how clear it is that there was an apostasy. It's cool to see how The
Lord has prepared his children throughout history to receive his
Gospel and especially how he prepared the Earth for the restoration. I
know it's true! I know Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Book of
Mormon is true. And especially that Jesus Christ lives!

¡Cuídense esta semana!

Hermana Barlow

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