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member missionary miracle Sept 8

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Fam y amigos                                         September 8, 2014

¡Hola! This week was pretty good. We had a lot of meetings! Monday the
new missionaries came in and we were able to eat dinner and have a
meeting with them and we taught a little bit. Unexpectedly, it was a
very special meeting. There is something so special about starting
your mission/ new missionaries, they are afraid but excited and they
just have no idea what wonderful and hard times lie ahead!

The departing devotional was amazing. There were only four sisters
going home this transfer, and Sister Davis (Mindy Davis from high
school) was there too because she leaves in between this transfer and
next. President talked about how you can keep the spirit and keep
moving forward spiritually after the mission which was comforting to
hear. The testimonies were so powerful. It caused me to reflect and be
grateful for the ways the mission has changed me and the mercies I
have received. It also caused me to be thankful for the time I have
  A lot of things fell through this week unfortunately :/ Wednesday
we had a cool experience through showing our faith! That whole day we
had barely met anyone promising and we hadn't taught anyone. We were
nearing the time that we had to go to our dinner appointment so we
could have gone and been a little early, but we decided to go to this
one street and knock a door. So we hurried over, choose a door, and
knocked it. A Hispanic boy answered and went to get his Dad. His Dad
comes and looks TOTALLY white so I was like, oh great.. Because he had
light skin and light eyes. But he was from Mexico! And not only that,
he was super nice and interested and we will be going back this week.
Miracles happen after the trial of our faith.
  Friday we had mission leadership council. The night before,
President Fenn had read the whole Book of Mormon (he skipped a few
chapters) looking for all of its references to teaching and shared a
bunch of things he found- it was awesome. The Book of Mormon
contains so much more than we may think at first, we'll never be done
reading and learning from it.
  Our member missionary miracle was Saturday! Saturday ended up being
great, we had four members out with us at different times, and were
basically with members all day. It was great even though some
appointments fell through. We have a really awesome single member
named Roberto. He is outstanding and dedicated to the church and
missionary work. As we were pulling up to a dinner appointment with
him and two less active Spanish members, the less actives called and
cancelled. We were super disappointed because Roberto had made food
and we couldn't go eat it without another woman. So he comes out
to our car, we told him the situation, and he proposed the idea to
invite his neighbor that he hardly knew (a single American lady) to
eat with us! He didn't even know her name haha. So he buzzes her
apartment, she comes out and we explained how we can't eat with him
alone and she thought it was so weird But, we invited her, and she
said yes! She ate with us and it was wonderful, she is an awesome
person.  We had a very very spiritual lesson about the Book of Mormon
and we could tell she was feeling the spirit very strong. We asked her
a question about faith and she began to cry a little bit. I was in awe
at how strong the spirit was. Another cool small miracle was that I
just happened to have an English Book of Mormon to give away, which I
rarely ever have one in my bag. It was an amazing experience and
we are thankful that the Lord put everything in place for it to happen
and that our member had the courage to just invite. I love being a

So yeah. Good things are happening but please also pray that our
investigators will come to church this week, they're having a

Love you! Hermana Barlow

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