Friday, September 5, 2014 was like blessed water! June 2

Hey hey                                                                                June 2, 2014

Hi! So let me start out with my excitement that there were 8 new souls
from our area in church this week!! 4 are baptism age and 2 are a
couple weeks away from it... So they weren't all investigators, but
still! It was really awesome. They seemed to love it too! I don't know
if I've talked too much about these families yet. So Juana and
Josefina have both been taught before (before they moved),
and I've taught them every so often while I've been here. They are
both single moms, each with three kids. They recently moved into the
same apartment for money reasons I'm guessing. So the other day, we
didn't plan to, but we stopped by to teach Josefina
because she is usually the one there. But we found Juana instead! Our
lesson was really interesting but I could tell that we were just
following the spirit and I just felt to invite her to be baptized so I
did and she said yes and then Hermana Lewis invited her to be baptized
on May 28 and she was like "the 28th... Yeah!" Hahah so we were like
ok! We explained how to prepare for baptism. Then Josefina came in
(she is hilarious by the way. I wish I could explain her) and we
invited them all to church and they were like yeah we are going!!

So Sunday morning we go by their apartment so that Juana could follow
us. Josefina got a ride with a member and we were left waiting and
waiting for Juana haha we barely made it in time for the sacrament! We
took it in the hallway. In Sunday school there was a really good
lesson about baptism, and there were a lot of investigators there from
all the other missionaries too, it was really exciting. Josefina
talked to us and Juana after the class and she was like "Juana you missed
it, they passed this bread and water and it was like blessed water! I
drank it and I just felt like something was inside of me and it was
like there was a baby or something but I promise you there's no
baby..." Hahahhaha best description of the spirit ever! Love them. So
she felt the spirit! We were really happy.

I was on exchanges with Hermana Davies and we taught Amalia. The
spirit was really there and we focussed on our life on earth and the
atonement and I just felt really hopeful after that lesson that she'd
come. I know she felt that! But Sunday morning she said "sorry
Hermanas I'm going to Chicago today" ugh, stupid Chicago. People like
to go there Sundays it's stupid. So anyway we may have to drop her for
a bit if she doesn't come next week :(.

Other random facts from this week: we are meeting some great
people and we have ridden our bikes FARTHER THAN EVER BEFORE and it's
almost 100 degrees and... Yeah. But I'm not complaining I am so
thankful the cold weather is gone!! 

Also shout out to my awesome comp
she is so nice and made me some yummy cookies with candles on them for
my 1 year birthday. 1 year came way too fast!

Today I was reading and studying about covenants. God requires us to
make covenants. He will always hold his side of the agreement and
bless us as long as we do our part. A lot of people here don't think
we need religion. But we need an organization that has the proper
authority, and we need a way to remember and renew those covenants.
Every Sunday when we go to church, the main reason we go is to
remember and renew those covenants. We promised to take Christ's name
upon us, always remember him, and keep his commandments. I hope we can
all go to church this next Sunday with a focus on it being a
covenant-renewing experience. We are so blessed to have entered into
covenants with Him! I hope to see as many as possible do that as I am
here as well.

I love you all so much!!

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