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Semana 54 getting transferred July 21

Fam                                                                                                       July 21, 2014

So after Alexander was baptized, if Hermana Simmons and I were ever having
hard times we'd say "it's ok. Alexander was baptized." Haha so this week
was one of those weeks where I was saying to myself "it's ok. Alexander
got baptized!!!" Hahaha

So, we finally taught Rosa, who is from Peru and has accepted
a baptismal date but hasn't exactly been preparing for it. She has
been listening to the tapes of the Book of Mormon and has been loving
them and understanding them. She mentioned some doctrines that she
learned and now loves (such as The Fall 2nephi2). She says she has
been feeling the spirit while she listens and reflects on what they
say. That was a happy moment! I know the Book of Mormon is true and
the spirit that testifies of those true doctrines is undeniable. She
committed to come to church which was exciting.

Later in the week we saw Maria y Paola, those investigators that I
love, and they were having a hard day. They are going through some
rough times but we don't know what it is. We testified of the power of
the book of Mormon in answering prayers and bringing the spirit in
their life, and also in bringing comfort. That's something I know is
true! I have felt it and experienced it. They hadn't read since the
last appointment :( but we gave them Mosiah 24 and Alma 7 to read and
re scheduled for Saturday.

We had other lessons and other things that happened haha but they all
end up not exactly how we wanted them to be so I will just... Not
write about them hah. one was with a lady who looks like Drew Barrymore and has a lot of family problems... so we were there to help her.... but she wouldn't commit to do anything haha! it was crazy but ya that's just a random story.

Saturday we were invited by our district leader to pray and do all we
could to get investigators to the baptism of this amazing family that
the Hermanas have been teaching in the north area. So we are calling
EVERYONE, and we call Maria and Paola, and the husband answers as
usual. He is a nice guy. But this time he was like, no we can't, we
are catholic and we aren't changing religion. I was like... don't worry im not inviting you to be baptized today, but to come see a baptism. So after some
conversation, we were totally dropped!! I was bummed. I love them! Ah
I have hope for the future though.

But the good news was that the baptism of that family was the cutest
thing!!! Oh wow I think next week I can get you a picture of them.
They are adorable. It was such a spiritual service and it was
definitely one of the highlights of the week. I know that this is the
true church and that families are very very important to our Heavenly

So that night, we got a transfer text that said: you WILL be getting a
transfer call. So after about an hour of waiting and kind of freaking
out, President Fenn calls us. He told us that Hermana Sharp will be
coming here with Hermana Klivans. Then he said that I will be an
Hermana Training Leader with Hermana Cadd in the Wheaton ward- which
is an English ward where we will do Spanish translation. It's in the
Naperville stake. Who knows, but it will probably be my last area...
Which is crazy. Hah so since that phone call I have been more nervous
then I was right before I trained Hna Lopez. Like I said last week (I
think it was last week...) I know that President Fenn is inspired and
I know that The Lord has a plan for me. I'm just going to do my best
and trust in The Lord. For those who don't know, an Hermana Training Leader is a leader for the sisters and we will do exchanges with a lot of hermanas and teach at meetings and stuff.

I truly have grown to love the Rockford Branch. Hermana Klivans was an amazing companion and I love her very much!! We are sad to be separated.

I have been studying a lot about Faith, Desire and Attitude this week. I love in Alma 41 (I think verse 5?) where it talks about how we will be lifted up to happiness according to our righteous desires. So basically we can't loose with righteous desires as long as we act on them.

running out of time, but I love you all! thank you for your support and prayers!!!!

con Amor
Hermana Barlow

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